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  • Perfect tool for FS backups, love the *non-dependence* on the partition sizes. Wish it'd fully supported NTFS too, but hey no biggie. Great job and many thanks to the developer/s for this great utility and its regular updates! THANK YOU !

  • Nothing comes close to the power and ease of use as fsarchiver... If you are responsible for system disaster recovery processes, this is the tool that will make your life easy

  • Exceptional little bit of software. It works absolutely wonderfully, with one exception... Win7 machines. Win7 uses the winsxs folder and I get plenty of errors whenever I try to create a disk-image on a Win7 box (and this is why I gave it four-out-of-five stars). On WinXP, it's absolutely fabulous... creates small images, quickly, and efficiently.

  • Thanks for software and updates.

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  • Reliable and stable, thanks fsarchiver

  • O melhor programa para compartilhamento

  • I have just started to use this. Thank you!

  • I've added this as an option on my g4l project, and it looks like a very useful addition. Much faster than raw backup of partitions.

  • so good that i decide to develop a gui front end for fun (gpyfsa)

  • I previously used partimage to backup partitions. However as fsarchiver is able to recover from corrupt files in a backup and still restore the good files, I've switched to using fsarchiver (having said that I've never had file corruption using it) Fsarchiver has saved my bacon several times by doing a perfect restore.

  • I'vebeen using fsarchiver to back up (and restore) my Fedora and Ubuntu partitions (both ext3 and ext4). Works very well. I really like the fact that the restoration target partition only needs to be large enough to hold the archived files, rather than the size of the original archived partition.