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  • Works well monitoring and downloading images from multiple 4chan threads using the original file names. One irritating bug: Can't cope with (some/all?) accented characters

  • You can also use to browse and download 4chan threads.

  • There is a bug that keeps unnerving me for months. Exception handling fails when you press delete without a file being selected. Fix that please, it also will crash when you tip DEL two times when there is only one file left. Instant crash, all threads gone from list.

  • Works great, i've been using it for a long time now. But since the 4chan added webm it would be great if they were downloaded like the pictures

  • we need moar chan compatibility.

  • I'm having a huge problem with the application that has otherwise worked perfectly for me. It sometimes downloads, but it usually just sits with all the tabs saying "Idle." I checked the debug log and I'm getting error 301. Can anyone help?

  • Working just great, even on my oldie Windows 2000 SP4 machine, and does exactly as I want - get all the images from the 4chan thread I paste the URL into the nice program. The archive can be unpacked with 7zip, so, no need for install (another HUGE PLUS, I never install programs witch I did not know, so...). Of course, option that allow save each other thread to different directory might be all that is missing there. Great work. For people that love to put M$ garbage (read - NetFramework) into their PCs, then there is the Chan Thread Watch, witch promise to do almost the same - w/o the nice thumbnails, yet with only 200k in size. Your choice. I staywith 4chan Downloader.

  • I loved it. Great works and no problems.

  • got qmake, made i. and compiler broke

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  • Very nice application. PLEASE add option to save each thread to a different folder. Thank You.

  • Works perfectly, just needs an option to automatically create a folder with the download threads name in the default save path.

  • To make it compile, you need to have qmake and make (STFG to see which packets you need for them). And when you are done, create an archive: gui/resources.qrc like this: <RCC> <qresource prefix="/icons"> <file>resources/close.png</file> <file>resources/reload.png</file> <file>resources/search.png</file> <file>resources/add.png</file> <file>resources/remove.png</file> <file>resources/open.png</file> <file>resources/4chan.png</file> <file>resources/about.png</file> <file>resources/about-large.png</file> <file>resources/settings.png</file> <file>resources/no.png</file> <file>resources/yes.png</file> <file>resources/list-remove.png</file> <file>resources/go-bottom.png</file> <file>resources/go-down.png</file> <file>resources/go-top.png</file> <file>resources/go-up.png</file> <file>resources/4chan.ico</file> <file>resources/media-playback-start.png</file> <file>resources/media-playback-stop.png</file> <file>resources/tab-new.png</file> <file>resources/tab-++.png</file> <file>resources/dialog-ok.png</file> <file>resources/list.png</file> </qresource> </RCC> And it is done, it compiles and works perfectly

  • Does not work, does not update, 7 Mb of crap

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  • Can you make something to download all the 4chan banners? Please, accessing the directory gives a 403 error.

  • This program has always worked without issues, but now it doesn't work. When it asks to update, it gets stuck on "Starting Executable File" When I just download 4chan downloader and try using it without updating, it still doesn't work! It just says "idle"

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  • first of all i LOVE the 4chan dl but a new update on 4chan has completely stopped everyone using this app from doing anything, "4chan now supports secure browsing via HTTPS/SSL on,, and Happy browsing! (This includes,, and will be added soon.) Your pal, —mootykins" i know they did this in the most sincere way of showing they care about the general 4chan userbase and it probably screwed other add-ons and whatever 3rd party apps. but seriously, ill be watching for any updates or news daily/

  • Thanks for the proxy support btw, you are listening to the users of your program :)

  • works good

  • Feature suggestions: - Create folders from the download folder dialog (instead of "folder not found") - Session save, I hate that it forgets what threads it was watching if you shut it down - Auto-remove tab after 404 (maybe a notice at bottom of window, instead) - Horizontal tabs at top (like Firefox or Chrome) for better management of mass tabs Otherwise, awesome program. Hells better than using DownThemAll via Firefox and, unlike many userscripts, this actually works!

  • This project has a similar gui with "4chan Image Downloader" but with improved features like: - multiple thread watching via tabs - multi-threaded downloading - auto url catching