FORTRAN Unit Test Framework, written in FORTRAN 95. So that all FORTRAN features can be tested. FRUIT has assertion, fixture, setup, teardown, report, spec, driver generation. Rake used as build tool. Tutorials at

The core testing part is in FORTRAN, this part can be used independent of the Ruby codes.

The Ruby code is to make fixtures and reports easier.

Rake is to build the project elegantly. This project also demonstrate a new way to build mixed language code in an alternative way than Make.

Most of the FORTRAN are important in nature, used in nuclear and aerospace codes, etc, and maintained and written actively. Please help to bring TDD practices to the FORTRAN community. The change could be very hard, personally, I quit, since I could not make the change. I hope your organization will be successful.

Enjoy a cup of fruit while maintaining FORTRAN !

Andrew Hang Chen and other maintainers who feel importance of TDD in cr

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User Reviews

  • Great unit testing tool. Test drivers can be written by hand or created automatically by a ruby script. If the drivers are hand-crafted it is a pure Fortran tool. Just the link to the documentation is broken. Discussion gives a hint where to find it and Mike Jackson's blog entry (A look at FORTRAN unit test frameworks) is useful, too.

  • easy to use. But I'm not sure if it is thread safe.

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  • Have been using it for almost a year now (just the Fortran part without the Ruby) and it has everything I need. And it is super easy to use and helped me to find countless bugs. Awesome!

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  • I have tested only a small part of functionality of FRUIT(without ruby etc) and this part is already a very polished and useful fortran testing module. You can write tests for your program with only few lines of additinal code (in fortran). And you are free to store testing part in your source code (and switch it on f.e. with some preprocessor instruction) or to build up a complete hierarchy of test code as a library/module or additional program.

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  • Mike Jackson wrote a good review of FRUIT. It compared FRUIT and other FORTRAN unit testing framework. Please search: "A look at FORTRAN unit test frameworks". Andrew Chen

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