Flash Frontend for CMS and blogging softwares like Wordpress and Drupal. Designers create Flash templates with Silex, live web creation tool and then users install a plugin in their CMS of choice to have a Flash equivalent of their existing site.

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  • very good project, thanks!

  • Excellent idea, i've been searching for a way to retrieve info from current CMS systems like Joomla, Drupal, CMSMS, Zencart and osCommerce for a couple of years now and always thought it would be great if they had Flash frontends made for them while still using the current admin PHP side of the CMS for editing. It seems most people are either PHP or Flash based but rarely both and so there's been this big gap in the market for releasing Flash frontends for PHP CMS systems. Keep up the great work, a flash frontend for Zencart would be a dream come true! A flash frontend for Joomla or CMSMS would be my next wish, thank you :)

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