Client-server transfers files/folders P2P, fast and secure: transparent compression/encryption (SSL), pause/resume, TCP/UDP connection, auto-discover, proxy support (HTTP, SOCKS5), NAT Traversal (Teredo, UPnP), HTTP/FTP downloads, speed graph, chat.


  • NAT Traversal (Teredo)
  • Transparent Compression
  • UDT Support
  • HTTP/FTP Downloads
  • IPv6
  • Encrypted Transfers (SSL)
  • Proxy HTTP & SOCKS5

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User Reviews

  • It rocks! Simple as an axe but works when cool ftp-clients fail without clear reason.

  • A great big THANK YOU for the creator of this program. It has saved me a lot of time transferring large (30+ GB) files between remote locations. It does need some work, though: 1. If your ISP changes your IP address while a file transfer is in progress, the error recovery does not work, even when using dynamic DNS for the target computer. Further, the target computer instance of this program will hang, and can not be ended except by using Task Manager to abort it. 2. The log file should be opened, written to, and closed for each entry. This ensures logging entries are not lost if the program does not terminate gracefully (abort, system crash, power outage, ...) 3. Allowing access to the list of files to be sent, and allowing the list to be modified via the GUI, would help those of us with fat fingers (me!). 4. Retaining the list of files/folders still to be sent when shutting down would allow graceful reboot situations to occur. Windows 10 automatic reboots, for instance, or a known power outage about to occur (running on UPS for 5 minutes?) I am an old programmer (1964 Fortran IV anyone?) and I don't know "C" so anyone interested in picking up the maintenance for this project or forking into a newer form would be most welcome. Again, this program works and works well, but needs some maintenance or improvements.

  • What a great application... Very useful, with those little details that as a programmer I appreciate. CRC check after transfer, reconnection if the connection is lost and so much more.. Thanks!

  • Awesome piece of software! Greatly recommend!

  • I like it! Many thanks to the developers!

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Advanced End Users, Developers, End Users/Desktop, Information Technology, System Administrators

User Interface

Win32 (MS Windows)

Programming Language