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  • Love this! Thank you! It really opens up the abilities of the FB-01. Not only the editor but being able to map CC controls is awesome!

  • Hi clsfb: Maybe you did not connect a FB01 module first? The program simply refuses to show and do anything if no FB01 module is connected. The program has some bugs, some of which I have already fixed. But potentially it could grow from 3 to 5 stars :-)

  • Wow. Really quick and easy to use? Simply doesn't work at all. "Setting MIDI configuration Up" section in the manual explains nothing but the obvious, but the obvious doesn't actually work. Simply, I'm plugged in exactly the same as on other programs and all I get is a "No MIDI data received" message when I try to assign the MIDI ports. And then, here's the clincher - in the Automations section it has "CC" controller messages listed only. The FB-01 uses the older sysex MIDI, not cc. So I'm not really sure if this is some kind of elaborate hoax, or.........what. I can't imagine why but there you go - it doesn't work in any way at all, it may be doing bad things to your PC, and I'd avoid if I were you. How tiresome to waste so much of my morning on this.

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  • fb01editor works perfectly, thanks

  • Great project! I recommend this program strongly! Very best and fast Sound Editor! It's great, although it should also install the Sound Editor with it!

  • Great thanks! SOundmodule is now so fun and easy to work on. Does it also work on the OSX 10.4?

  • Great project indeed for a bad known sound module which can provide interesting sounds : well done and hang on Frederic ! J'attends la version 2.0 avec impatience !

  • Thumbs up in advanced!