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Exton|OS 64 bit LINUX LIVE DVD/CD :: Build 160207 (Openbox) Build 151022 (Mate) and 141122 (Kiosk) based on Ubuntu 16.04 respectively Ubuntu 15.10/14.10 NEWS 160207 about Exton|OS Light Live DVD – ISO file of 912 MB I’ve made a new extra version of Exton|OS based on upcoming Ubuntu 16.04 (alias Xenial Xerus) 64 bit with only a minimum of packages pre-installed. Among them a terminal emulator (LXTerminal), a Web Browser (Google Chrome - so you can run Netflix), PCManFM (file manager), NetworkManager, GParted (Partition Editor), Samba (so you can reach your Windows computers) and Synaptic (Package Manager). I give you the pleasure of installing all extra packages you need after a hard disk installation of Exton|OS Light. Use Synaptic for that. You can of course also install new packages while running the system live (from DVD/USB stick), but nothing will be saved after a reboot. Unless you have followed my USB Install Instruction (about UNetbootin or if you have done it in the same way as a hard drive installation) and used Boot alternative 2 – Persistent (when you have used UNetbootin). If you have plenty of RAM you can even install big programs (such as LibreOffice) while running the system live even from CD. Exton|OS Light’s Window manager Openbox guarantees lightness and elegance. Study the full PACKAGE list: http://www.exton.net/exton-os/exton-os-light-installed-packages-160207.txt TH IMPORTANCE of Exton|OS Light now being based on Ubuntu 16.04 (UNSTABLE/DEVELOPMENT) I don’t think it is too important since Exton|OS doesn’t use complicated Desktop Environments like KDE, Gnome or Unity. Programs won’t crash or anything like that. And I haven’t discovered any bugs to report. NEWS 151022 ABOUT Exton|OS Mate A new and much better version of Exton|OS is ready. It's now based on Ubuntu 15.10 released today (151022). I have replaced kernel 4.0.0-4-exton with kernel 4.2.0-16-exton. I've also installed the Web Browser Google Chrome to make it possible to watch Netflix movies. NEWS ABOUT Exton|OS Internet KIOSK - build 141122 Only a few applications are pre-installed: Firefox (The Best Web Browser), LXTerminal, Leafpad (Editor), Nano (Editor), Alsamixergui (to enable sound) and Wicd (Network Manager) are preinstalled. After logging in to Fluxbox Firefox will start immediately. If you close Firefox you will also leave Fluxbox (X). WHAT's the point with the KIOSK version? Exton|OS Kiosk can be used as Internet Kiosk or other publicly available Web terminal in schools, libraries, cafes, hotels, offices, tourist centers and a like. Another possibility is to use Exton|OS Kiosk for displaying information, advertisements, pictures or streaming videos to digital signage deployments. Be sure to change root’s password before such use of the system. It is done (as root) with the command passwd root. MORE ABOUT Exton|OS build 160207 and 151022 1. Exton|OS Light and Exton|OS Mate are based on Ubuntu 16.04/Ubuntu 15.10 and Debian. 2. Exton|OS's ISO files are ISO-hybrids, which means that they can very easily be transferred (copied) to a USB pen drive. You can then even run Exton|OS from the USB stick and save all your system changes on the stick. I.e. you will enjoy persistence! See my USB Instruction under B): http://www.exton.net/exton-os/exton-os-usb-persistent/ 3. Another great thing is that Exton|OS can run from RAM. Use Boot alternative 3 (Copy to RAM). When the system has booted up you can remove the disc (DVD) or USB stick. You'll need at least 2 GB RAM to run Exton|OS that way. Maybe it is enough with RAM of 1 GB to run Exton|OS Light. 4. Ubuntu’s installation program Ubiquity has been replaced with Exton|OS Installer, which is a clone of Debian Live Installer. The installation to hard drive is now so simple that a 10 year old child can do it. Watch a SLIDESHOW of the hard drive installation process: http://www.exton.net/exton-os/exton-os-installer-slideshow.html. MORE ABOUT Exton|OS Mate The Desktop Environment is Mate 1.10.2 ("A fork of GNOME 2. It provides an intuitive and attractive desktop environment using traditional metaphors for Linux and other Unix-like operating systems"). Program content in build 151022: Firefox, Google Chrome (for Netflix), Gimp, Vlc and GParted. Also all necessary additions in order to install programs from source. All packages have been updated to the latest available version as at October 22, 2015. Study the full PACKAGE list: http://www.exton.net/exton-os/exton-os-installed-packages-151022.txt LOCALE The system language is English in both versions. LOG IN to Mate/Openbox When you start up your computer from the dvd you will end up in X at LightDM's login screen. Log in as root (superuser) with password root. (During a hard drive install you can create your own ordinary user). In Exton|OS Light (Build 160207) you will end up in Openbox as the normal user live. You can also log in as root if you want (or need to do so). The password for root is root. There is no password for the user live. NETWORK connections Use Wicd respectively NetworkManager to configure your network connection. You may have to change the Network Interfaces eth0 and wlan0 to eth1 respectively wlan1 or... READ more: http://www.exton.net 160207 /exton
Source: README-ExtonOS.txt, updated 2016-02-07