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1. Introduction ExPress is a GUI wrapper for UPX (Ultimate Packer for eXecutables). Its simple and easy to use interface helps one using UPX, especially for many files in different folders with different need. 2. Features Currently, ExPress has the following features: - Multiplatform (even on platform whose executables aren't supported (yet) by UPX, well if any ;-p) - Multiple files (directory recursion is supported) - Drag & drop - Organize UPX preferences - Low memory usage (compared to some other UPX GUI) - Multithreading of UPX processes 3. System Requirements - Any platform supported by UPX, Lazarus & FreePascal - About 3-8 MB of memory, depending on platform and widgetset used (this for running the GUI, more will be needed as you add files to it, and not including UPX processes) 4. Compilation from source What you need: - Lazarus (0.9.30+, I use 0.9.31) - Free Pascal (2.4.2+, I use 2.7.1) - ColorProgress component from Wile64 (http://wile64.perso.neuf.fr/download/download.php?cat=4) - Might work on Lazarus and/or FPC 2.4.0, but no guarantee How: - Open the .lpi file from Lazarus and click Build button, .lrs files for forms will be generated automatically. If not, make a trivial change (such as moving the form) and save rebuild. I didn't distribute it because the format has changed since 0.9.24. Therefore, it's needed to provide backward compatibility
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