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This is the open source distribution of ETHNOS - Expert Tribe in a Hybrid Network Operating System, a programming environment for the design of a real time control system composed of different robots, devices and external supervising or control stations. The ETHNOS environment is composed of: 1) ETHNOS, a dedicated distributed real-time operating system (developed as an extension to Linux), from which the overall environment takes its name, supporting different high level representation, communication, and execution requirements, 2) a dedicated network protocol designed for both the single robot and the multi-robot environment, specifically designed for noisy wireless communication, 3) an object oriented Application Programming Interface (API) based on the C++ language (and a subset based on Java), 4) a set of additional development tools (a robot simulator, a Java-applet template, etc.) In particular ETHNOS provides support from three main point of views: 1) from the communication perspective it supports and optimises transparent inter-robot information exchange across different media (cable or wireless). 2) from the runtime perspective it provides support for the real-time execution of periodic and aperiodic tasks, schedulability analysis, event handling, and resource allocation and synchronisation. 3) from the software engineering perspective it provides support for rapid development, platform independence and software integration and re-use. ------------------------Release 6.1----------------------------------------- Added compatibility with SARTOS, the framework for Semantic Aware Real Time Scheduling
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