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ERDialog a Simple Web framework with Erlang RDialog project offers a simple browser framework for small projects written in Erlang. Many applets can be installed into the framework. Present available applets include text readers, video and graphics viewer, a wiki engine, audio players and a torrent downloader. Installation and Configuration Very briefly, * Install Erlang. * Install Yaws. * untar the erdialog-0.X.tar.gz into the directory location you want If you need to recompile you may run ./erdialog -make to install an applet that is shipped in the zips directory run: ./erdialog -install if you need to recompile the erl files: You may need the applet Emakefile so: move, for example, the scripts/makefiles/Emakefile.erdcalc to the top directory of ERDialog, then rename to Emakefile then: ./erdialog -make u This should byte compile the files in the src directory. If all goes well, try, which will start the application in an interactive Erlang shell. *** Browser Address *** The application is usually accessible on port 8101 (see yaws.conf if you want to change this), so once it's running, you should see the main user interface at http://localhost:8101/ To change the address go to: priv/yaws-conf in the file: erdialog.yawsconf you can change port If you change the Directory name to something other than ERDialog-x.xx, then also change the erdialogurl which is used in applets to find the top menu. include/erdialog_defaults.hrl You can also change the browser of choice in this file the erdbrowser setting is used by some applets. *** Starting Program *** The command for running as a daemon: yaw --conf yaws.conf -D to stop the daemon: yaws --id erdialog --stop *** Main files *** The user interface is constructed around static YAWS pages which load help files and applet files. index.yaws starting file for the main user interface. *** Additional Help *** Help pages are located at: docroot/help a wiki is at: bug reports can be filed at: *** Changes *** version 2.16 changed hrl include files to update to newest Erlang version version 2.15 modified constant for file processing of weaved files added node name to script change textarea of weaved files to rows 8 cols 80 place location of po files in include hrl Changed i18n handling to accomadate missing po language files version 2.14 fixed misalignment in po file use. revised css file. version 2.13 change hweb files to handle large weave installs version 2.12 added message if yaws not found as part of erl, fixed Windows 7 install version 2.11 changed erdialog fo begin as otp application, yaws stated as application, updates to Spa, Hin, Zho, Deu language files version 2.10 improved erdhweb documentation and operation, switched applet page to weaved applets, split out language and conf files. version 2.09 change to viewing weaved files so that large weaved files can be viewed in erdhweb version 2.08 updated PO files for erdhweb, separated help files into data weave file, removed gui start files using gs version 2.07 added make for applet installation version 2.06 added applet harness for uninstalling applets version 2.05 added erdialog_checklist.yaws, added po files for erdhweb version 2.04 updated erdacalc applet version 2.03 adding help files to hweb function version 2.02 adding hweb function to main ERDialog release - so weaved html files can be circulated version 2.01 deb release, change bin start file version 2.00 fixed regression error version 1.99 change i18n files to use po files. More Esperanto translation. updated sample applets, ERDacalc and ERDahelloworld to use po files and install without restarting ERDialog. version 1.98 added beginning of Chinese framework for i18n. Updated some i18n files. Removed file selector for help files. Updated welcome help page. version 1.97 Changed file selection dialog to use HTML5 form. Fixed cli applet install regression and minor directory regression. Changed menu choice of Applets avaliable and set beginning framework for Hindi language as i18n option. version 1.96 Added applet installation page, including automated application restart. Cleaned up some localization files. Added direct download of applets. version 1.95 Added api hooks for applet helpsystem, changed make system to be recursive for applets, and added a hello world applet. The hello world applet is an example demostration of how to set up and develop an applet for ERDialog version 1.94 added pulldown menu to select locale. fixed command line applet install bug 3043831, added copydata/2 to work with applets bug 3041930, fixed help menu cancel for applets bug 3041924. version 1.93 Added context sensitive help. Help page will default to designated topic based on reference page. Added selection pop-up for help pages using Erlang gs interface. Cleaned up i18n source files to fix crashes in deu, spa and fra. version 1.92 added toolbar for GUI startup version 1.91 stop caching to fix dynamic page load issues version 1.9 redisigned help pages - getting ready for context sensitive help modify erdialog script for changing alternate directory structures erl_tidy source files for ERDialog add erdialogtool for package distribution help added source code as html files for ERDialog version 1.9 update ERDialog script for win32 version 1.8 added -id erdialog so that yaws process can be stopped correctly updated Erlang command page for ERDialog added escript for control changed language conf files for i18n updated erdcalc applet to be consist with new lang conf files version 1.7 fix minor regression error in installed applet display add installapplet.bat file fill in un-translated fillers in i18n files version 1.6 added in framework for adding applet processes added node name to erdialog finalized 1st version of applet process listing page add command screen to enter Erlang commands version 1.5 added batch file for win32 startup added yaws setting info to status page small cleanups for release ERDialog 1.5 version 1.4 put in eparse.erl files needed for file writing version 1.3 changed help file -&gt; yaws (for i18n) added status page version 1.2 sample applet updated. index.yaws page refactored. version 1.1 Esperanto added to language bundle. header refactored using I18n. 1.0 I18n handling was refactored, so it now loads text files at runtime starting rules for per-page context help. Make was added to the startup script. Version 0.9 Added applet finding screen Added browser config setting in yaws file Revised menus Added utf-8 setting in Version 0.8 added main URL as returned by a function call so applets don't need to hardcode the http port. Version 0.7 added language handling. i18n files and translations. Version 0.6 finding of priv is dependent upon application name Now application name is passed from index.yaws Version 0.5 Revised menu system set separate yaws config directory changed directory structure - adding priv and lib Version 0.4 Changed index file added menu building erl file Version 0.3 Initial Public Release Refactored directory structure Added ERDialog files for beginning of framework ERDialog - Steven Gibson (c) 2008-2010 <pre> <H5><A NAME="last">Last</A></H5>
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