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  • I found this application to be a great replacement for iDVD. Once I learned how to use it, I found it could do many things iDVD could not, and only something like the old DVD Studio Pro could do better. It supports drag and drop right from a Finder window, and allows me to insert custom graphic elements just by dragging them onto a menu. I like that it can transcode various formats so that I don't have to. The only problem I ever had with it was it wouldn't recognize one of my fonts. I fixed that by reinstalling the app and the font. Overall, this software is highly recommended. try it today. Satisfied user since 2014. OS X El Capitan. mid 2007 iMac

  • I found this program online as I had been through several DVD designers which were horribly fiddly and overly complicated. DVD Styler seemed like a very fast and easy way to make a DVD with a title screen menu and chapters , and it works pretty much as drag and drop which is fantastic. This is all ruined though becasue it's horribly buggy. Changing the font of any text makes the program grind to a near halt while it thinks for up to a minute (even for a simple font size change), and you'd better not touch any keys or mouse buttons while this is happening or you risk a crash. I was using the "Action of the Time" font, and I couldn't even position the text correctly as there as so much lag. This happens on both 32 and 64-bit versions of the software (including past versions) and on multiple machines too. The 32bit version from the official website wouldn't even install as the file was corrupted - not a great advert for quality control. Background images loaded onto the DVD menu appear quite blocky and rough too, even if the image is at a very high resolution. If they can sort the font issue and a few other bugs then this software would be without a doubt the best on the market, but as it is it's inflexible, time consuming and risky if you are using anything than than big standard Ariel.

  • I simply love DVD Styler!! I had been using stuff from Pinnacle, and Cyberlink, and even Movavi, and yet I prefer the FREE DVD Styler? It is so easy to use, and so nicely laid out. Kudos to the creators! I am highly recommending this program to my past students and fellow video production teachers!

  • This program is a great replacement for DVD Flick, and runs with no issues on Windows 10. A few initial impressions and suggestions though: - Add an optional "global" tick box to keep the same background and audio across all DVD menu pages of a project, instead of having to make the same settings individually on every menu page. - Having the video bitrate set to "Auto" seems to accomplish nothing. I still needed to go back and through trial and error pick the highest video bitrate which would allow everything to fit on the DVD, and avoid the error message that the videos wouldn't fit when clicking "Burn". - The in-program (F1) documentation is woefully inadequate and needs major improvement. There's absolutely no information on what some of the more advanced dialogs do. It's really nothing more than a "getting started" guide at the moment. - When "Burn" is clicked, if a user had previously selected "just generate" then reviewed the DVD output and decided everything was okay, the program should use the existing AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS directories instead of having to go through the entire encoding process again. The way it works now in that area is a waste of time and computer resources. - The biggest *glaring* omission of function in this program is that you can't preview DVD menus before clicking "Burn" and waiting for the lengthy DVD generation process to complete. One little mistake, and it's back through the whole process again to correct it. Other than that, nice program and great job!

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  • I use this on both windows and Ubuntu. Windows install is easier. I edit the xml files to make similar DVDs, but also just use the interface for slide menu design.

  • I've had some commercial DVD programs, and have tried some other open source offerings. I like this one best of them all, as it gives good results, plenty of features and is quite intuitive to use. Maybe now I can sort out the mess of videos I've made of family outings and such. Great for making DVDs' for Grandparents, and ourselves as well.

  • Rubbish, waste of time says the data is too big to be written to the DVD , even though it allowed me to go so far as to encode everything - contradicting its capacity bar which clearly said there was enough room. tried a few times and reduced quality but still didnt work so I gave up I like the design of the program and if it actually worked it would be very good. It offers some useful settings and customisation options, if only I could put them to use I reccommend DVD flick V2 instead if you want something more basic but actually works well

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  • Installation package contains browser hijack malware ... 2017-02-13 14:02:43 Detected Trojan: HEUR/QVM41.2.0000.Malware.Gen [Removed] Details: Trojan name: HEUR/QVM41.2.0000.Malware.Gen Path: C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\Temp\is-CF33A.tmp\Browser Security.exe

  • This review is for the: DVDStyler-3.0.2-win64. I just installed it a few hours ago, and it is working as I need. On the installation I didn't see any malware trying to spoil my browser. I am autoring simple DVDs from mkv files without any menu - for this files I don't need it - so I haven't tried menu yet. I erase the default menu that shows in the timeline. Up to now, my files have subtitles and they work fine. I still have to chose a pleasing size and letter font, but it is great that I can chose it and that you have to chose to show it when watching the DVD or it will be played without titles (at least in my VLC setup). I tried several sets before going into the files I want autor DVD from and I chose to use 8Mbit/s for video bitrate - It would be nice to have a minimal, target and maximal settings or at least, minimal and maximal settings. 320 KBit/s for audio; video format NTSC 720 x 480; aspect ratio 16:9; On the audio format I tried to use PCM on audio exit from AC3 original but it didn't work, so I left it on AC3, just hope it will play on normal stand alone players. 2 pass VBR is mandatory in any file transcoding - HQ and XHQ selected, but XHQ goes off after you close and reopen the window. I still have to try to autor DVD from MTS files. The preview felt to show the DVD using VLC (I did not tried others), but afterwards, VLC plaid it by dragging the IFO file on it, as it does with any DVD. I didn't need to read the help file to use it, meaning the commands are intuitive for someone with reasonable knowledge of the subject and it is directed for those who want to make a menu. But it did not answer some of my questions that could improve the quality of the final file - although it maintained almost as good as the original. I never heard of "CBR" on the enconder type and didn't find in the help what it is on the help. The help does not explain the differences and characteristics of chosen aspects: Econder: Internal (?) or ffmpeg-vbr (?) The time it took to autor the DVD files was very good, it was less than the time it would take to watch the files. PS.: I am not rating the support for I haven't used it. Although I haven't tried all it's features, I give it 5, for it worked on what I need. All and all it is a excellent tool, I recommend it. Thank you very much.

  • I now use DVDStyler exclusively to produce DVD compilations of favourite movie shorts. It is quite intuitive and I have even designed my own menus as well as using those provided as standard.

  • There is a easy way_ Avdshare Video Converter which can convert MP4 encoded with H.264, H.265, Divx, Xvid, etc to Windows DVD Maker supported MP4 MPEG-4 etc.

  • If this worked, it would likely be an excellent program. But I've spent hours and numerous attempts to produce a working DVD folder structure with some video files and no matter what I try either the end result is too big, despite the disc capacity setting, or it just fails to complete the process, giving me what appears to be hundreds if not thousands of "not a valid dca frame" errors. If you can get it to work for you then it might be great, but if it doesn't work, don't waste your time.

  • Love it, I'm no longer making cup holders with holes in them. Unfortunate for DVDStyler, I must downgrade the rating. I tried to upgrade from a previous version to 3.0.4 or 3.1b2 but can't compile either. I have all the required software installed and up to date on my Debian 8 system, but get errors. I posted a help request 3 days ago, but have yet to receive any response to my post. Maybe I'll get a response soon so I can change my rating back to a high one.

  • This software together with my beloved Linux Mint are a bit Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. They are either FANTASTIC to work with when the combination of DVDStyler version and Linux Mint versions are happy to work together or a NIGHTMARE when some change to either comes along and upsets the 'apple cart' - instantly things go wrong. A couple of months ago everything was fine, I was knocking out DVDs right, left and centre. Along comes an upgrade to DVDStyler and I let it install via the Update Manager. Wham - DVDStyler is dead as a Dodo. I'm a sports coach, rescuing the situation is beyond me, don't have the time or aptitude to find a fix. I switch to LM18 from LM17.3 install DVD Styler via a PPA (thanks to a Youtube guide - link's are prohibited!!!). No the 3.02 version won't work correctly with LM18. Currently seeking ways to find help to either amend my settings or let the developer know there's an issue. Not sure how this will go. Should I and others (lady also has same issue) need to do this? Surely not. My rating responses are based on when it is working, except for 'Support'.

  • Never managed to make it work. Lots of dependencies and no any useful tutorial or documentation.

  • That is what is needed to find how long now, thank ...

  • A keeper! :)

  • MALWARE WARNING! Also BROWSER HIJACKER! I know this has been reviewed before, but it's worth stating again. I cannot speak for all install versions, but the one I had not only installed several versions of malware, but hijacked my browser. I had installed it, before, on am older computer, in 2014, and forgot this was one of those programs which took it upon itself to install "evil" programs on your computer. Oh, yes, NO OPTING OUT, either. At least other programs usually give you the fine print and button to opt out of their malware installation. A shame, really, because for a free program, this is quite good. I would have donated in a heartbeat to keep it going, but I would not consider it, with the malware install. The program itself could rate a 5, or at least a 4. I will give it a star for the program, but the malware takes away the other stars. This should never be allowed.

  • nvm, the program is excellent compared to others.


  • Who's telling the truth I wonder?

  • I have used several versions of DVDStyler and have liked all of them. I have never had any problem with malware from any of the installs, but I have downloaded from SourceForge every time. It's a great program. I have made many nice DVDs with it and expect to make many more. Thanks Alex!

  • By far, the best and most versatile open-source DVD authoring program. From being able to use video for menu backgrounds, to creating picture slideshows, this program does so much more than just encode video files to DVD.

  • Easy to use and powerful when converting multiple types of videos.

  • Great piece of software - easy to understand UI and works perfectly :) One tip: make sure your video encoding matches the project - I tried to put NTSC videos into a PAL project and they were garbled. There's an option that lets it encode it properly for you in the main application settings dialog :)

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