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  • Well its just like the old dvd flick. One thing to note, the tools are very outdated. I ended up updating FFmpeg and mplex.exe with the newest version and the encoding is much better. V1 was so old that you couldn't update at all which meant it encodes at 50fps max. So if you were getting better results, its likely from that old encoder. I am getting errors loading MP4 files with the new version so I have to create the projects in V1 and then load them in V2. Wish I could find something better for free but haven't seen it yet.

  • DVD Flick 1 was perfect, but this version is much worse, but yet much faster at encoding. The only problem is that you cannot add an MKV or H264 MP4 to the project! It says there is no usable video file and they are 100% OK. If you save a project with these files in Version 1 you can now load them in V2. The resulting files have audio out of sync. It doesn't matter what type of video it is. I got this result on dozens of times without even knowing it right away. Is there a "hack" to fix these minor issues. Can the author update the program? I would pay money for this program if I could. If these issues were fixed it would be a 5/5 star program.

  • Works great! for simply putting videos such as .mp4 onto a playable DVD without fuss and plenty of control over quality settings etc THIS is the software to use. Menu design and general customisation is limited to non existet- you cant use a custom image background or have menu music at all. but if you cant be bothered or dont need to mess around like that, DVD Flick v2 has ALL the important settings covered. after getting errors from 'DVD Styler' saying the disc was full at the time of burning (contradicting its own capacity bar) , I switched to DVD Flick and everything just works.

  • Yes, the best Solution to burn Video DvD. Great Job. I Use DvD Flick many Years.

  • Multiple attempts and either the end result doesn't work right or it simply fails to finish the process, giving an error log that's a freaking novel, so no chance of figuring out what actually went wrong. And as others have pointed out, it's extremely slow, largely due to the fact it barely pushes the CPU at all. Also, won't load a saved project file, so there's more wasted time. And, unlike most other DVD authoring software, it can't use the chapters from the input files for the final product. Finally, twice now it's become stuck on the splash screen when loading it, and I can't even kill it with Task Manager, requiring a reboot. Just all around poor programming. The only differences I could see from the original are that it might be faster at loading the video files to be converted (good) and at least the original managed to finish and not freeze when starting, unlike this version (bad). So between the two, I'd say try the original and hope it works.

  • Much better than original DVD Flick, accepting major filetypes without failure. The best software for authoring discs with highest video quality, allowing to create "miniDVD" on CDs also. It's amazing!