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DPR 6.0.0 ========= Bug Fixes --------- * Improved the performance of Normalisation steps (not Binary Normalisation) for input Data Objects that will result in multiple output Archival Information Packages (bug-3612956, ticket #421) * Invalid preference settings of the Server Read Timeout (made externally or with an old version of the program) now no longer prevent the user from accessing the repository settings (bug-3611533, ticket #420) * The "Show PF Records" button in the "Data Object Information Panel" now works when viewing Data Objects that have been Binary Normalised only (bug-3610355, ticket #416) Feature Enhancements -------------------- * Updated DPR for use with Java 7 * Updated JGoodies Looks library used to version 2.3.1 (from version 2.2.2) * Added support for multiple repository locations (i.e. file system locations on the server) (rfe-3613026, ticket #294) * Added the facility to retrieve Archival Information Package files from the server and removed the need for read access to the repository by the client (rfe-3613027, ticket #295) DPR 5.1.2 ========= Bug Fixes --------- * When changing a job number for the second time the progress window is now correctly closed (bug-3517100) * The menu options for "Administer Users" and "Generate Reports" are now no longer disabled after cancelling the registration of a new Transfer Job (bug-3544474) * Copy for access now no longer gives duplicate messages when returning to the copy for access screen after previous use (bug-3594999) * Copy for access now no longer retains the barcode list between uses (bug-3171225) * Copy for access now works for jobs where the year starts with 0 (bug-3553500) * Copy for access now outputs access manifest files with typographical error free headings (bug-2834728) Feature Enhancements -------------------- * There is now also a server component for handling writing files to the repository and for renumbering job folders in the repository. This is present to prevent users for having access to modify the repository through the file-system (as when the server is enabled only read access is required on the repository) (rfe-3552272) * The database setup now uses the PostgreSQL UUID data type. This saves space in PostgreSQL databases, however other databases will no longer work with DPR. (rfe-3575634) * A report for DPR statistics can now be shown for a Financial Quarter (rfe-3604410) * File paths are no longer limited to 255 characters (the limit is now the file system limit) (rfe-3488079) * When an SQLException occurs that refers to getNextException for details these details are now shown (rfe-3564321) DPR 5.1.1 ========= Bug Fixes --------- * Log location preference is now correctly used (bug-3540658) * Copy for Access now works correctly on Reprocessing Jobs (bug-3540056) DPR 5.1.0 ========= Bug Fixes --------- * Unsupported types now only binary normalise once (bug-3092673) * Changing a job number is now transactional (previously database and file system changes were seperated) (bug-3514326) * DPR no longer continues without warning if log files cannot be written (bug-3434774) * Copying no longer fails for files with old modification dates that are before the machine epoch (bug-3462331) * Virus scanning connection time-outs are less likely and will now result in an attempt to reconnect after a time-out occurs (bug-2386269) * Job listings are now correctly removed immediately after the job is deleted (bug-3471250) * An error message is now shown when changing a job number without providing a repository location (bug-3514325) * Different errors occurring during the Copy to Digital Repository Step now display correct values in each column (bug-3459166) * There is no longer double notification of missing files (bug-3525734) * The eclipse launch file now uses correct plugins (only applies to source release) (bug-3427635) * Removed unused batch file (only applies to source release) (bug-3392215) Feature Enhancements -------------------- * When performing the Copy for Access task the user is now informed if no matching AIPs are found after entering barcodes (rfe-3017451) * The user can now import a list of barcodes from a file (one barcode per line) for the Copy for Access task (rfe-3154756) * When reading the manifest the following checks now occur: (rfe-3155965) 1. If barcode already exists in the system (based on what is known by the Quarantine facility only) (rfe-3521541) 2. If the checksum algorithm is known and is given as a valid hexadecimal representation 3. If any filenames contain characters with codes in the range 0-31 (c0 control characters in ASCII) 4. If any filenames contain any of the characters: * : \ / < > | " ? 5. If any filenames are CON, PRN, AUX, NUL, COM1, COM2, COM3, COM4, COM5, COM6, COM7, COM8, COM9, LPT1, LPT2, LPT3, LPT4, LPT5, LPT6, LPT7, LPT8, LPT9 or any of these names followed by a period (.) or a period and any further text 6. If any filenames end in a space or a period (.) 7. If any filenames have characters other than letters, digits, spaces or one of: ^&'@{}[],$=!-#()%.+~_ If this is the only check that fails then the user may continue processing. * Fixed virus scanner to connect to localhost ( rather than the IP address of the machine (rfe-3525736) * Buttons on normalisation error dialogue have been changed to be clear which operation they perform (rfe-2736470) * Updated buttons of "Stop Processing" and "Reset Step" to "Stop Job" and "Stop Current Step" (rfe-3317714) * Altered buttons from "ok" and "cancel" to "yes" and "no" for questions that require a yes/no answer (rfe-3398274) * Improved column sizing and resizing when showing extra files that were found on input media (rfe-3430836) * Full stack trace is now provided on unexpected errors (rfe-3451962) * First media location is automatically filled to the "records" directory above the manifest directory if such a directory is present (rfe-3312179) * various fixes in wording, spelling and grammar
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