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  • Excellent software with a lot of good features!

  • Great software! I compared Colormunki Display software that come with calibrator with Argyll/Dispcalgui. I got much better contrast with Dispcalgui. Best result with Colormunki was 850:1 (and even lower on all on auto - 650:1) and with Dispcalgui 1150:1. Its even visible with naked eye that you get more contrast. Also more accurate colors!

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  • A big thumbs up for both DispcalGUI and Argyll. The validation,reporting and and screen uniformity features alone make it stand out from many bundled software that come with the popular sensors. All in all, spend the time to find the optimum settings for your screen and be a happy camper. Once that is done, keep running as it is set. 5 mins for mediocre results at best (bundled sw) or 10-18 mins for professional results just sya once a month? I know what I will pick: DispcalGUI powered by Argyll. It reminds me of slow cooking; more time DOES produce much more thoughrough results (Argyll) and now it is easy to use and configure with the GUI (DispcalGUI).

  • A must have!

  • Excellent tool !!!!

  • dispcalGUI works with my Datacolor Spyder3 in Linux Fedora 18. But I just wish it had better documentation (an offline PDF) explaining in detail all of the options and industrty jargon to prile/calibrate a display.

  • DispcalGUI is an excellent piece of software.

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  • dispcalGUI paired with relatively inexpensive hardware [I'm using a Datacolor Spyder4Express] enables full multi-platform display profiling with an excellent calibration frontend for the Argyll CMS libraries. Included support for several common and inexpensive colorimetres makes this tool *vastly* more useful than the software usually included with such hardware, enabling full accurate profiling as opposed to the artificially-limited job that "freebie" suites offer. Usage requires a reasonable degree of background knowledge but there are good free tutorials out there that round out the documentation. I'll never be using Datacolor's utilities again.

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  • This is excellent software. It's almost as easy to use as commercial software but much better documented and more flexible. And also vendor independent and thus future proof. Highly recommended!

  • Good and useful software

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  • An excellent GUI enabling use of the Argyll-CMS code to produce monitor profiles.