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dws_docu 2013-01-28 0
delphiwebstart 2008-12-06 0
dws_executable 2007-11-06 0
maxbox4.zip 2017-02-22 45.1 MB 0
readme_maxbox4.txt 2017-02-22 10.3 kB 0
388_TCPServerSock4.TXT 2017-02-22 23.6 kB 0
752_U_ConvertTest2Astronomy_Bern.pas 2017-02-22 27.4 kB 0
731_DWS_Client4_EKON20.pas 2017-02-22 15.8 kB 0
731_DWS_Server4_EKON20.pas 2017-02-22 16.4 kB 0
MyDemo_OpenSSL.zip 2016-11-28 4.1 MB 0
EKON_20_Examples_mapbox.zip 2016-11-10 41.5 MB 0
maXbox4digisign_certificates.zip 2016-10-17 12.8 MB 0
maxbox3clx.tar.gz 2014-12-17 66.8 MB 0
EKON_17_Sessions.zip 2013-10-30 1.8 MB 0
EKON_16_Max_Kleiner_Sessions.zip 2012-11-07 2.9 MB 0
EKON_15_Sessions_Max.zip 2011-11-04 9.0 MB 11 weekly downloads
DWS_193_framework.zip 2009-11-10 3.9 MB 22 weekly downloads
openSSL_dws_https_lib_1_9_3.zip 2009-11-09 2.5 MB 0
Totals: 18 Items   190.5 MB 3
**************************************************************** Release Notes maXbox Feb 2017 Ocean8 mX4 **************************************************************** add 12 units + 584 functions HugeInt-HugeWord Library -SimpleTCP add 2 Tutors: 47 RSA Crypto - 48 Microservices new Style: menu//Output/Darkcolor http://www.softwareschule.ch/images/maXbox4_darkcolor.png maxboxdef.ini-file with FONTNAME=Courier New 1261 unit uPSI_uBild; //Steganography 1262 unit uPSI_SimpleTCP; 1263 unit uPSI_IdFTPList; 1264 uPSI_uTPLb_CryptographicLibrary.pas 1265 uPSI_uTPLb_RSA_Engine.pas 1266 unit uPSI_cHugeInt.pas 1267 unit uPSI_SimpleTCPServer; 1268 unit uPSI_xBase.pas 1269 unit uPSI_ImageHistogram.pas 1270 unit uP_PersistSettings2; 1271 uPSI_WDosDrivers.pas 1272 unit uPSI_cCipherRSA; function VarByteArrayOf(const s: string): OleVariant; Procedure BurnMemoryByteArray2( var array of Byte; BuffLen : integer); Procedure BurnMemoryString2( var Buff: string; BuffLen : integer); Procedure MoveStringJV(const Source: string; var Dest : string; Count : Integer); ClientDataSet: RegisterMethod(function UpdateStatus: TUpdateStatus; function bigdiv2(aval1: string; aval2: integer): string; function modbig(aval: string; amod: integer): integer; function bigmod(aval: string; amod: integer): integer; function modPowBig3(aval, apow, amod: string): string;'); function BigPowMod(aval, apow, amod: string): string;'); function RSAEncrypt(aval, apow, amod: string): string;'); function RSADecrypt(aval, apow, amod: string): string;'); Function SwitchToThread : BOOL'); Function SetThreadDesktop( hDesktop : HDESK) : BOOL'); Function CloseDesktop( hDesktop : HDESK) : BOOL'); Function GetThreadDesktop( dwThreadId : DWORD) : HDESK'); function SetSyscallHook(): boolean;'); function SetSwapcontextHook(): boolean;'); function UnhookAll(): boolean;'); function getWorld: string;'); function getIPConfigAll: string;'); function getIPConfig: string;'); function WinsockEnabled: Boolean; function HTTPEncode2(const AStr: string): string; RSAEncryptStr(const EncryptionType: TRSAEncryptionType; const PublicKey: TRSAPublicKey; const Plain: AnsiString): AnsiString; Totals of Function Calls: 30467 SHA1: of 55D33FE9506C66DD2AD94802AE9E838DCAE021AB CRC32: C5D0EBB7 26.6 MB (27,960,272 bytes) **************************************************************** Release Notes maXbox October 2016 Ocean7 mX4 **************************************************************** add 20 units + 442 functions- WMI Script Type Library - webbox 1241 uPSI_wmiserv.pas {uPSI_SimpleSFTP.pas} 1242 uPSI_WbemScripting_TLB.pas 1243 unit uPSI_uJSON2; 1244 uPSI_RegSvrUtils.pas 1245 unit uPSI_osFileUtil; 1246 unit uPSI_SHDocVw; //TWebbrowser 1247 unit uPSI_SHDocVw_TLB; 1248 uPSC_classes.pas V2 1249 uPSR_classes.pas V2 1250 uPSI_U_Oscilloscope4_2 1251 unit uPSI_xutils.pas 1252 uPSI_ietf.pas 1253 uPSI_iso3166.pas 1254 uPSI_dateutil_real.pas //Optima ISO 8601 1255 unit uPSI_dateext4.pas 1256 uPSI_locale.pas 1257 file charset.inc //IANA Registered character sets 1258 unit uPSI_Strings; 1259 unit uPSI_crc_checks; //ISO 3309 and ITU-T-V42 1260 unit uPSI_extDOS; SHA1: of 15565A557B0F9576AA5F23F2A1D06BE9699A757B CRC32: FA1F1F25 26.4 MB (27,720,144 bytes) http://www97.zippyshare.com/v/MECWgB5I/file.html function GetCachedFileFromURL(strUL: string; var strLocalFile: string): boolean; function IAddrToHostName(const IP: string): string; function GetIEHandle(WebBrowser: TWebbrowser; ClassName: string): HWND; function GetTextFromHandle(WinHandle: THandle): string; procedure Duplicate_Webbrowser(WB1, WB2: TWebbrowser); function FillWebForm(WebBrowser:TWebBrowser;FieldName:string;Value:string):Bool; procedure WB_LoadHTML(WebBrowser: TWebBrowser; HTMLCode: string); function NetSend(dest, Source, Msg: string): Longint; overload; function RecordsetFromXML2(const XML: string): variant;'); function RecordsetToXML2(const Recordset: variant): string;'); Function GetCharEncoding( alias : string; var _name : string) : integer'); Function MicrosoftCodePageToMIMECharset( cp : word) : string'); Function MicrosoftLangageCodeToISOCode( langcode : integer) : string'); procedure CopyHTMLToClipBoard(const str: string; const htmlStr: string = ''); function RFC1123ToDateTime(Date: string): TDateTime; function DateTimeToRFC1123(aDate: TDateTime): string; procedure CopyHTMLToClipBoard(const str: string; const htmlStr: string);'); procedure DumpDOSHeader(const h: IMAGE_DOS_HEADER; Lines: TStrings);'); procedure DumpPEHeader(const h: IMAGE_FILE_HEADER; Lines: TStrings);'); procedure DumpOptionalHeader(const h: IMAGE_OPTIONAL_HEADER; Lines: TStrings);'); Function checkSystem: string; Function getSystemReport: string; **************************************************************** Release Notes maXbox June 2016 Ocean5 mX4 **************************************************************** add 16 units and 225 functions- Class Helper- KMemo RTF DOSOutput 1224 uPSI_IdAntiFreeze.pas 1225 uPSI_IdLogStream.pas 1226 unit uPSI_IdThreadSafe; 1227 unit uPSI_IdThreadMgr; 1228 unit uPSI_IdAuthentication; 1229 unit uPSI_IdAuthenticationManager; 1230 uPSI_OverbyteIcsConApp 1231 unit uPSI_KMemo; 1232 unit uPSI_OverbyteIcsTicks64; 1233 unit uPSI_OverbyteIcsSha1.pas 1234 unit uPSI_KEditCommon.pas 1235 unit uPSI_UtilsMax4.pas 1236 unit uPSI_IdNNTPServer; 1237 unit uPSI_UWANTUtils; 1238 unit uPSI_UtilsMax5.pas; 1239 unit uPSI_OverbyteIcsAsn1Utils; 1240 unit uPSI_IdHTTPHeaderInfo; //mX response headers SHA1: of A52ACF844808285D8EE978637365B74B3C7C342F CRC32: CB882FFC 26.0 MB (27,276,288 bytes) **************************************************************** Release Notes maXbox April 2016 Ocean2 mX4 **************************************************************** add 12 units and 20 functions - minor bugfixes - coolcode http://max.kleiner.com/boxart.htm 1212 unit uPSI_MapFiles.pas //map stream of memory-mapped files 1213 unit uPSI_BKPwdGen, //Password Generator 1214 unit uPSI_Kronos, //Big chrono date time library 1215 unit uPSI_TokenLibrary2; //C++ TokenLib 1216 uPSI_KDialogs, //KFramework 1217 uPSI_Numedit, //Num Component 1218 unit uPSI_StSystem2; //Low Level Routines 1219 unit uPSI_KGraphics; //KFramework 1220 uPSI_KGraphics_functions; //KFramework 1221 uPSI_umaxPipes.pas //Simple Pipe Server 1222 unit uPSI_KControls; //KFramework 1223 unit SysUtils_max2; //mX4 BaseLib **************************************************************** Release Notes maXbox April 2016 Ocean mX4 **************************************************************** This is an upgrade to mX3 app files dir, if you want all examples/docs for this mX4 you have to download mX3 first and then copy mX4 files in it too. Otherwise you already own mX3 on disk just copy new files (save maxboxdef.ini first). All functions & object: maxbox_functions_all.pdf News: Add 5 Units, 1 Tutor, Pipe Libraray2, KLog, FPlot42 1207 unit uPSI_CPUSpeed.pas 1208 uPSI_RoboTracker.pas 1209 unit uPSI_NamedPipesImpl.pas 1210 unit uPSI_KLog.pas 1211 unit uPSI_NamedPipeThreads.pas new added functions ----------------------------------------------------- function CPUSpd: String; function CPUSpeed: String; function BigFib(n: integer): string; //BigFibo function BigFac(n: integer): string; //BigFact function UpTime: string; Function NetLogon( const Server, User, Password : WideString; out ErrorMessage : string) : Boolean'); Function NetLogoff( const Server, User, Password : WideString) : Boolean'); Procedure ErrorNamedPipe( const Message : string)'); procedure BroadcastChange; //method that broadcasts the necessary message WM_SETTINGCHANGE Function WriteFile2( hFile : THandle; const Buffer, nNumberOfBytesToWrite : DWORD; var lpNumberOfBytesWritten : DWORD; lpOverlapped : Tobject) : BOOL'); Function ReadFile2( hFile : THandle; var Buffer, nNumberOfBytesToRead : DWORD; var lpNumberOfBytesRead : DWORD; lpOverlapped : Tobject) : BOOL'); // Security helper functions procedure InitializeSecurity(var SA: TSecurityAttributes); procedure FinalizeSecurity(var SA: TSecurityAttributes); // Pipe helper functions procedure CheckPipeName(Value: string); procedure ClearOverlapped(var Overlapped: TOverlapped; ClearEvent: Boolean); procedure CloseHandleClear(var Handle: THandle); function ComputerName2: string; procedure DisconnectAndClose(Pipe: HPIPE; IsServer: Boolean = True); function EnumConsoleWindows(Window: HWND; lParam: Integer): BOOL; stdcall; procedure FlushMessages; function IsHandle(Handle: THandle): Boolean; procedure RaiseWindowsError; function CharSetToCP(ACharSet: TFontCharSet): Integer; function CPToCharSet(ACodePage: Integer): TFontCharSet; function TwipsToPoints(AValue: Integer): Integer; function PointsToTwips(AValue: Integer): Integer; procedure LoadGraphicFromResource(Graphic: TGraphic; const ResName: string; ResType: PChar); /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // Object instance functions /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// function AllocateHWnd(Method: TWndMethod): HWND; procedure DeallocateHWnd(Wnd: HWND); MessageBox(0,PChar('CPU speed is '+CPUSpd+' MHz'),'CPU Speed Check',MB_IconInformation+MB_OK); CL.AddTypeS('TKLogEvent', 'Procedure ( Sender : TObject; Code : TKLogType; const Text : string)'); AddRegisteredVariable('FormatSettings','TFormatSettings'); //at sysutils! AddRegisteredVariable('mouse','TMouse'); //at controls CL.AddTypeS('HPIPE', 'THandle'); Amount of Functions: 16627 Amount of Procedures: 9922 Amount of Constructors: 1633 Totals of Calls: 28182 SHA1: of 638E7412750AB0ECF14F2A5515BC4A2DE561EAC2 CRC32: 7C91FD2A Exe size: 26,650,112 https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/584ca53d6dd8f7de17d0a1959bf78aad04697cf0ad7b3f23aee90b5ff720ede1/analysis/1460194451/ Update for Windows 10 Version 1511 for x64-based Systems (KB3140741)
Source: readme_maxbox4.txt, updated 2017-02-22

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