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mX3.9.8.6 Release

CodeSearchEngine2 to search code patterns in /examples <Ctrl F3>
more 12 Units like mXGames Ex, JvgXMLSerializer, TJvPaintFX, JvDBGridExport;
Most Functions ever in a Box!

Posted by Max Kleiner 2013-04-21

mX3 CLX Release

With V 3.7.8 you get more units, RegEx Studio, SimuLogBox, CodeSearchEngine, CUtils, uplot, dMath and some Systools Modules

39 68 15 24 F5 CE A8 41 3A 2E A1 78 C2 31 12 41 36 EE 09 AB

Posted by Max Kleiner 2013-04-21

maXbox Release on January 2011

Posted by Max Kleiner 2010-12-01

maXbox mobile

To configure a mobile app you can rename the 2 shared objects to start the app from a stick (without sym links):

- you have to rename:


and copy the in the /usr/lib
or leave it as it is in app directory
finally you start maXbox with >

Posted by Max Kleiner 2010-07-12

Delphi2007 Upgrade of https_server

The https_server 1.9 can be upgraded to delphi2007 and indy10 with following code file:

The whole release datawebsecure is available with

A System Manual is available (on german):

Also a openssl_faq in general is available:

Posted by Max Kleiner 2008-11-14

OpenSSL presentation

A short introduction as a presentation is available:

(from DelphiWebStart to openSSL and DataWebSecure)

Posted by Max Kleiner 2008-06-14

Generate a Certificate

OpenSSL includes a command line utility that can be used to perform a variety of cryptographic functions like generating your machine certificate in [CERT].
First you need a RootCA (selfsigned)
// we genrate the private key of the CA:
1. openssl genrsa -des3 -out CA_pvk.pem 1024
// we sign the private to make a certificate of CA
2. openssl -new -x509 -days 365 -key CA_pvk.pem -out CA_crt.pem
// we need the host private key
3. openssl genrsa -des3 -out host_pvk.pem 1024
// we sign the host private from the CA (machine certificate)
4. openssl req -new key host_pvk.pem -out host_csr.pem
5. openssl ca -out host_crt.pem - in host_csr.pem -cert CA_crt.pem -keyfile CA_pvk.pem in this way we get

Posted by Max Kleiner 2007-12-12

Multilanguage for DWS

For many projects you need to localize your application. An easy solution for all Delphi platforms (win32,, CLX, freepascal) will be given; no license or special tools needed. Just a straight component and one small resource file:

Posted by Max Kleiner 2007-10-28

Tested on Vista &amp; Suse

The TCP stack and winsocket dll was renewd in vista layer, but its still compatible with DWS as it is, also on openSuse with indy sockets.

Posted by Max Kleiner 2007-05-17

Upgrade DWSServer 1.6

This upgrade is compatible with the DWSClient of Package_1.5 and qtintf70.dll included.

DWS Spirit to Serve ;)

Posted by Max Kleiner 2007-02-13

Universal embedding of files in Delphi units

When you want to embedd files (binaries) in a DWS app to spread a single EXE over the net please read the following article.
This article attempts to explain how to include files inside a Delphi unit / application as different kinds of binaries and how to manage them without the resource technology:

Posted by Max Kleiner 2005-06-09

DWS in a book

The DWS part is mentioned as one of 15 architectural patterns that complete the book "Patterns konkret" as a compendium. A lot of the concrete examples concentrate on the cross-platform CLX. Therefore C++Builder and Kylix developers are addresses as well. Another focus is presented with distributed architectures like WebServices or Providers.

Posted by Max Kleiner 2004-03-08

DWS in Practice

DWS is now running for a test in 4 learning studios to get the applications for computer based training from a InterBase server to the clients including videos and check&tests.

Posted by Max Kleiner 2003-10-27

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