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DelphiDabbler Code Library Downloads ==================================== This library contains numerous separate projects, each of which has its sub-directory containing the project's download zip files. The sub-directories are: aboutbox About Box Component cbview Clipboard Viewer Component consoleapp Console Application Runner Classes dropfiles Drop Files Components envvars Environment Variables Unit fractions Fractions Unit hotlabel Hot Label Component ioutils I/O Utility Classes md5 MD5 Message Digest Unit msgdlg Message Dialogue Components resfile Resource File Unit shellfolders Shell Folders Unit streams Stream Extension Classes stringpe Extended String Property Editor sysinfo System Information Unit verinfo Version Information Component wdwstate Window State Components Details about the available versions are included in each sub-directory's read-me file. Deprecated Code --------------- In addition to the above there is an "hkeype" directory. This contains download zip files for each release of the HKEY Property Editor. This project is deprecated and is no longer being developed and should not be used. Do not link to this folder because it may be deleted in future.
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