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  • so super easy to use. make USB bootable using RUFUS. set bios to boot from USB. Type autonuke DONE! 10/10 this works

  • Seriously, FLICK this POS. Can't open "/proc/cmdline"...over and over and over despite MULTIPLE bios changes (Asus ROG STRIX Z270F). No OS, booted straight off CD to erase ALL connected drives. FAIL after FAIL. FLICK it, drilled a hole through one, will keep the other two for back ups. Useless obsolete GARBAGE.

  • Seemed to be working fine until I got to the point of typing in autonuke, which is the fully automated command. It then seems to just display an ad and do nothing (e.g., no hard disk activity light or usb log activity light). Using the interactive mode instead, it allowed me to select what drives I wanted to erase and then started to erase them (with hard disk activity light now constantly on). The mediocre rating is due to the ad and lack of explanation on if anything is suppose to be happening when the ad is displayed. Update: the quick erase resulted in a kernel panic. The DoD short seems to work OK (it hasn't finished yet, 22 hours estimated).

  • Takes a long time to do this, but it's worth it. On my older Dell Laptop, DBAN wouldn't recognize the F10 keys, etc. So, I pulled out an older keyboard, plugged it in. Upon booting up, Dell wouldn't recognize the keyboard, so I used the keypad on the laptop to boot to the DVD drive. Then, once I had DBAN up and running, I used the attached keyboard for F10, etc. I see that some people had trouble with the program not working because the F10 key didn't respond, so I think this may be one way to work around that for some people at least.

  • I used this product to wipe the hard drive of a Toshiba Satellite running Windows Vista. The product works exactly as advertised. It is simple to use although some knowledge of operating systems beyond that of the casual user is required. The 1-star reviews for this product tend to be from users who misunderstood either the purpose of the software or how to apply it correctly. You will need a third-party ISO burner and possibly some extra outside advice; I used How To Boot From a CD, DVD, or BD Disc and How To Wipe a Hard Drive on's PC Support pages.

  • Pretty good program. I used it on a 750 GB drive not only to erase but to verify if it had some bad sectors. Took a whole lot longer than I thought it would.Took around 45 hours to erase and verify 10 errors/bad sectors. To Be honest I like it,was very thewarowl. re-checked with another program. I never used support so can't give a true rating on that.

  • This program worked GREAT!!!! I had a Dell Laptop that had a virus. no mater how many times I re-formatted hard drive, and re-loaded windows. still unable to use my laptop. until I found DBAN. takes a while to whip the hard drive clean. but now I can use my computer again.*************

  • I'm so glad this is a free utility, it saved me a headache or two :) There's a stupid security program called Sentinel HASP and any program that is protected by it, they generate an ID on your hard drive. It's a super invisible file that exists outside the file system and can't be deleted in Windows. A format/reinstall doesn't always overwrite this ID file (super invisible file? wtf???) DBAN Nuked it's @$$ lol, gone forever. Thanks DBAN!!!

  • DBAN is no longer officially maintained and does not work on newer chipsets (such as Haswell) due to outdated drivers. Please see [#65] in the bugs forum for information about an updated version.

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  • good day i download this in did every thing right but when i hit F10 to start the wipe nothing happen i need some help please

  • Frustrating...guess it either does not work in Windows 8.1/TOSHIBA new laptop I got or am missing something. downloaded it several times and burned ISO to both USB and DVD, changed BIOS boot-order and it keeps booting into Windows......grrrrrrr.

  • I downloaded the image, wrote the iso image to a CD and booted it on my old PC. Easy. The wipe is running now. Why would anyone leave additional USB devices attached to a computer they were wiping? A little common sense (quite lacking these days) makes your life easier. Thanks!

  • No longer in the spirit of open source, killed off for Blancco's commercial interests... money talks ? lol

  • Thank you so much for what you do. I had a computer with very sensitive financial data on it, and I really didn't know what to do. I only had to press on button (F3). Thank you so much because I know you could make a lot more money in the private section. Now only if you had a DONATE button on your website.

  • Only distributed as a CD-ROM, which wastes plastic. Yes I know I can make a bootable USB/PXE from an ISO. Log file doesnt write to USB. Who has a floppy drive anymore? Finishes with full screen advertising for Blancco. Many unanswered questions in bugs/forums. No support for newer hardware No longer maintained. No longer in the spirit of open source, killed off for Blancco's commercial interests.

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  • Fairly Simple To Use

  • I/O/I/OI/O ERASER blank and bleach your HDD more white than white let down M$$$$$$$ migrate to free and open source if you can did you heard about trisquel distribution it's funny to read how stupid american citizens plenty of cash dont know how a live cd work poor facebook generation keep eating your silicon crap from your nasdaq here we are able to became independant here is sourceforge you know this live cd is for people who want blank thats all just a screen with simple instructions not for newbies and beginners who dont know a pc work download burn it configure your bios on cd boot choose that you want to do and be patient is crystal clear but maybe you need to call crimosoft support if you dont know how to use it!

  • If you find that you are booting this from a device like usb or iso and you select quick dban option without selecting drives all attached drives will be wiped. That said I did get errors trying delete standard sata drives in some pc's that wouldn't get wiped and ended up using a Ubuntu Live CD and the format "write 0's" option under the Disks program to work. So I am guessing there are some error conditions where the dban operation can fail. Though the upside of using this program is for the multipass and the speed so if you get it working its clutch.

  • Does exactly what it says on the tin..... Excellent as for R4545 why would you keep 40k$ worth of important software on a couple of USB sticks... whilst erasing all data from a PC - school boy error.... heres some help lol

  • Not sure what part of "Wipe all disks" was unclear to r4545, but it sounds to me like it worked exactly as described. Nice to see an update - my old copy of DBAN 1.0.4 was getting a little long in the tooth.

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  • Used version 2.2.8 - worked like a charm. As per other reviews: this will nuke any writable media attached to the computer (hard drives, USB attached devices)... If that's NOT what you want, detach any such devices first, or use interactive mode to select devices to be nuked.

  • r4545 review tells me one thing. It's awesome. Great work..Tested it and loved it...

  • This piece of shit nuked not only mine HDD but all connected usb drives without any prompt! Now i have nukedd HDD (which i wanted) and i lost 40$k worh of software from my USB Drives.

  • Helped me completely erase the whole hard drive to recover needed space left over from the recovery partition and now I can recover my computer using the DVD's I created. Very simplistic interface , easily hands down the most simplistic hard drive eraser for free out on the market, dont need a degree in Computer Science to figure this one out.

  • Thanks. It looks promising and I will give it a try!

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