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  • Like Gimp, DarkTable gets a lot of flack for its user interface, which some seem to find difficult. But while it has a bit more of a learning curve than, say, LightZone, it also has more tools & features. Personally, I like the DarkTable interface. It's extremely simple & logical once you learn it. And its feature set compares favorably to the spendy commercial apps like Lightroom & Aperture. Actually, I use several different photo editors because they all have somewhat different features. LightZone is the easiest to use for quick adjustments (I use it instead of Preview). Photivo is more complicated, but has useful selection masking tools. But overall, DarkTable has the best combination of features & ease of use. For a free professional photo editor, you really can't beat it.

  • Stable, feature-full, nice interface, great linux support, open source. What else could we wish for? Congratulations and big thanks to the devs to offer this wonderful package.

  • <a href="">thoi trang cong so</a>

  • While DT (using 1.4 now) is a capable Raw processor, its cryptic interface makes it hard to use. Lacks a good export module and you cannot print from it. It also lacks a proper top menu (I'm using the Ubuntu version) so you are forced to quit by clicking the (X) button of the window. Along the same concept, Photivo is much easier and feature laden. I had "high expectations" about DT but the developer seem to have lost momentum and bearing.

  • I love this software, it is extremely powerful and the design is just perfect. I have processed hundreds of pictures and it has crashed maybe once or twice in a year without loosing any work or corrupting file : a reliable software (I suspect the crash were due to lack of memory). Now I have a new computer with a graphic card with 2 GB, the experience is much smoother and faster than with my laptop with integrated graphics. Thanks to the developers for such a fantastic software !

  • Easy for use.

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  • I'm blown away. Such a powerful program with so many creative options! Learn how to use it; it will be well worth the time.

  • First impression of this is really positive, it handled imports on my Mac with ease the NEF files from my D7000 are beautifully rendered. I look forward to exploring more, well done guys. The quit function CMD Q and the menu option both work on my Mac perfectly.

  • As a former user of LightZone from LightCrafts, I was seeking something else for Linux. This program is amazing! Really fast and good to use. Installation from source onto my Linux Mint system went without a hitch by following the easy to follow instruction on the website. And I got instant help in IRC when I needed it. Super.

  • Good and useful software

  • works great.

  • Excellent work! Virtual Lighttable works perfectly! Thanks!

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  • good project darktable

  • Shows promise, but unfortunately the Quit option doesn't work (nor does the Command+Q keyboard shortcut!). Only way to exit this is to do a "Force-Quit" (Command+Alt+Esc), which isn't a very good way to exit an application. Running Darktable on a new 27" iMac (8Gb RAM) with Mac OS X 10.7.4 and all updates applied. Please fix this bug.

  • Astounding and surprisingly usable piece of software that keeps getting better. A surprisingly efficient and elegant solution to my Image processing needs and wants. (does not only work with RAW, but also with jpegs, BTW)

  • Darkroom is a great workflow program, but yet I am not fully using it. Why is that? It all has to do with it's way of labeling (tagging) photographs with keywords. In version 1.0 +, hierarchical keywords are possible, in order to search upon (left panel). But in the right panel still the old system is used. Here an important improvement is possible: In order tot add or edit tags or change its hierarchical structure a new GUI element is necessary. This also means that the way tags are stored in DT internal database have to be changed. Till now (in the table Tags) a tag consists out of the whole tree. That is to say: Suppose a tag could be: "ferns". This is a tag within the tag "Plants" which is a tag within the tag "What". In the DT library table Tags, this is stored as What|Plants|Ferns. From a database point of view, it might be better to store this as three different tags and to store the hierarchicl relation in another table (i.e. tagxtag). This gives a more flexible approach and is consistent with the way for example Digikam is storing its tags: just have a look in the internal Digikam library). As soon as this flaw in tagging is improved, I will start using Darktable as my sole photo workflow program. Untill then, I sadly have to use the combination of Digikam and Darktable. Regards, Wout

  • Its the best free virtual darktable tool for developing RAW images. The huge amount of plugins provides so many possibilites that you can't ever apply all of them in the right way. Additionally their Blog is extremely helpful by providing information non only on the program but also on photography and background information.

  • Darktable is the best raw editing tool avaliable for GNU/Linux and one of my favorite applications in all platforms and all kinds of work I'm using. It appeared and modernized like a storm with extremely fast speed of implementing new features with good results in stability. There's still a lot of things to do but it's already ready for some intersting art work. Big thanks to original developer, community and contributors.

  • Excellent tool!

  • Ever since I started using darktable I haven't looked at another tool for processing my RAW files. Top notch work!

  • Excellent photo editing software, lots of features, and very stable so far!

  • the best open tool for RAW processing and further manipulation images processed!! many thanks to the team!

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