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  • Hello! Thanks for this start! I am a big fan of Kula World game. Please make this game more kula-world-like by making changes to ball to block scale. Make ball more shiny and plastic-looking. Are windows sources available? Maybe I can help you by doing it myself.

  • FOR THOSE HAVING PROBLEMS WITH THE LEVEL EDITOR ON MAC Having thoroughly enjoyed this game I got really into the level editor. To my horror, I couldn't find the *.ldef files anywhere, and the documentation only mentions PC and Linux. I eventually discovered the files in a HIDDEN folder at username$:.Cubosphere\Levels Any chance this could be added to the editor manual? Wonderful game btw! Are we likely to ever see beta 0.3 for Mac?

  • Good clone, really near perfection and very similiar to the original Kula World for psx!

  • Love this GAME!!! Awesome Graphics and Gameplay on Intel Mac Pro with OS X 10.6.8 !! Would Recommend to anyone!! PS: I'm in Antarctica Level 6 and I am still officially addicted for Life .... in Egypt I scored 29975 total!

  • Nice work you've managed to do with this. I was sceptical at first of what the music and background world would be like (I really love them in Kula World) but this game truly has the right kind of a feel in it. It also looks great and controls better on PC than Kula World by using an emulator. About the only thing I find myself missing is fruits and psychedelic bonus levels.

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  • I can't compile the game on my Ubuntu12.10 :( I can't find any solution for this issue ;(

  • if you have error 0xc0150002 on windows XP, try download and install Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 SP1 Redistributable Package (x86) :)

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  • Superb graphic and ball physics work! It would be better creating a solvable levels with a crescent difficulty.

  • Thank you very much for this good game. I feel like 20 years ago :) I play it on my linux (OpenSuse 13.1) notebook in fullscreen with 1440x900. Some informations for other OpenSuse Users: 1.) To get music I convert all mp3 to ogg and edit the src/globals.cpp and src/sounds.cpp. 2.) I must change the Makefile from: -------- #LUALIBS=$(shell if which lua-config50 >/dev/null; then lua-config50 --libs; else echo "-llua -llualib";fi) LUALIBS=-llua5.1 to: -------- LUALIBS=$(shell if which lua-config50 >/dev/null; then lua-config50 --libs; else echo "-llua -llualib";fi) LUALIBS=-llua Kind regards

  • This is so great that you have made this, a very good version! I hope this project will live, I'm also willing to donate or whatever, I really appreciate this.

  • Great! I was dreaming of Kula World on PC for years, keep it going!

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  • So geil !!!! Ich suche seit Jahren immer wieder nach einem KulaWorld Klone. Das ist ist der Beste bis jetzt!!!! Weiter so ....

  • Ich finde dieses Spiel toll! Ich spiele es seit der Alpha-Version und es macht mir sehr viel Spaß! Ich hoffe, so schnell wie es geht, die nächste Version rauskommt!!! ;)

  • Super! I have been trying to buy Kula World for years, but its no longer available. This is Super! Compiled on Debian 6 without any issues. Fantastic Game!

  • This excellent piece could be considered the spiritual "sequel" to Kula World that we never got to see, and I think it's brilliant there's even a level design mode. I'd love to see some more ball designs, maybe even modelled after national flags like England, Jamaica, Japan etc.

  • excellent game! works perfectly on gentoo (ebuild in gamerlay)

  • Very good game, Thank you very much!

  • Hello, I have been playing this game and I really enjoy it. Kula world was my favourite playstation game earlier on. But I would like to know when the beta will be released. I have seen some videos on youtube and have found out that one of the developers for this game said that the beta would be released yesterday or today? But I don't seem to find any beta? Sorry, I am just a bit impatient for when the beta will arrive. Good day.

  • Extraordinary Game. Thank you Arlaan and Chriddo for the good work! I do hope the beta is released soon, I can't wait.

  • I've always wanted to construct my own levels in Kula World, which kind of has been made possible by this game. I've actually spended time on modifying the game itself, implementing my own skyboxes, music etcetera, and created a new menu called "Special Levels", with extremely hard and absurd levels (might publish it eventually). I'm looking forward for the further updates, in order for me to finish my modification. Awesome game.

  • Very good game. Must have for Kula World fans.

  • Well done! I was dreaming of Kula World on PC for years, keep it going!

  • Nice remake ;-)

  • Game with a perfect code though if is only in alpha version. Congratulations to developers for the nice work! :)

  • Really great alpha version. Loved this game early on PSX.

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