A simple thread pool for C. The source code is ANSI C and POSIX compliant.

---- Project has moved to https://github.com/Pithikos/C-Thread-Pool ----


  • ANCI C and POSIX compliant
  • Number of threads can be chosen on initialisation
  • Minimal interface
  • Full documentation

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User Reviews

  • Very very nice and simple libary! I can recommend it to everybody who needs just a working thread pool. It is very similiar to "Simple C Thread Pool" on sourceforge. I do not know which one was first (the other one i guess). How ever I couldn't see any big difference to the user except of other names. I did not really compare the sources. Both works well. ATTENTION: I maybe found a bug in both libaries. On destroying the pool the destroy function does not wait to fullfill all tasks in the queue. It justs wait untill all threads are done. That means it will not start left waiting tasks! Example: start 8 tasks with 2 threads and destroy the pool directly. Then only the first 2 will be done. I did a workaround for the above linked libary: Look for the implementation of thpool_destroy() in ll. 149 of thpool.c. Add/Replace at the beginning: :::C #void thpool_destroy(thpool_t* tp_p){ # int t; # /* thpool.c modifikation # Just destroy if all tasks in queue are done */ # while(tp_p->jobqueue->jobsN!=0) # { } # [...] How ever both libaries are well working and i want to thanks the authors very very much for their work! PS: It would have been nicer to make a ticket.

  • Great start! I forked the project here on sourceforge with the name cthpool2 to provide priority based scheduling: adding jobs that skip the queue, and changing jobs priority that are already in the queue.

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