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  • I absolutely think this software one of the best app I ever tried! => have a look at this webiste for Free Gift Cards :

  • I absolutely assume this software the perfect software I at all times tried! => consider having a look at this webiste for Free Goods :

  • Excellent and easy to use. Hope more diagnostics come later.

  • 10 years Keep on

  • CppCheck 1.70 for 64 bit Windows does not include Microsoft C++ 2015 redistributable files that it requires in order to run. I don't suppose that's a problem for people who have Microsoft VS 2015 with C++, but we have not upgraded to that yet. Therefore, I cannot even launch cppCheck 1.70 on my machine. I tried getting each .dll it said I was missing, but got stuck at "The procedure entry point ucrtbase.abort could not be located in dynamic link library api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0.dll." That was the 3rd dll I had to get, and apparently it's not the version expected. ... Is it too much to expect an Installer to install the program such that it can actually run? I've have very good experience with previous versions of cppCheck, how could this have happened in current installer? Update: cppCheck 1.71 does not start, and does not give a useful message. I removed it and reinstalled cppCheck 1.69, which works on my machine.

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  • This is one of the great C static analysis programs out there. And it's free and easy to use. Scanning code with this is a no-brainer.

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  • Great tool; finds a wide range of C++/C mistakes; few false positives; alread used in commercial projects

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  • useful~And it is convenient using this tool named sourceInsight Scan for scanning c/cpp in sourceInsight with cppcheck

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  • Immense help

  • Quite interesting. How can I enable experimental features like: "switchCaseFallThrough"

  • Great tool which helped me a lot to find errors, code cleaner and optimize different things. With it's useful hints and examples on the issues it found i learned some things about c++ that i was not aware of before (and many others when i look at their code). I use it regularly because the benefits are great.

  • Just reflected on some reviews after compiling cppcheck with the latest mingw 4.8, as it builds from 25% to in my best case, 300% faster and more stable executables compared with "API drone msvc" There is some problems with the path interpreting procedures, mainly because the app have been under the bad influence of msvc conventions. The best remedy would be to use QT creator for all coding and abandon Visualstudio, and its portability corruption altogether Otherwise it's a promising project where some features work very good

  • Hi, I made a minimal interface application for External Tool between cppcheck and Visual Studio 2010. The application takes currently solution and selected project name, makes a source list with every needed source file and calls cppcheck with that list. Anyone interested on that can send me a message, I can give you the source code and/or binary file. Regards

  • I am using 1.64. Wonder why refresh button doesn't work. I have to reopen my project.

  • Works good on mac, but does not work on android (linux) at all because of file paths problems. Hope it will be fixed and i return back and set 5 stars for it

  • I like it

  • Got linked to cppcheck from the website of the C++ plugin for SONAR Qube. After days and weeks of struggling with Fortify, cppcheck is a breath of fresh air. Runs super fast on my Linux box, and gives very few false positives. I hope I'll be able to contribute at some point in the future. Keep up the great work!

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  • cppcheck binary(cppcheck executable) is missing in the latest version. I was using 1.56 version and i could able to locate the binary but i dont see the binary after this version. We need to mention the cppcheck binary path while configurting in eclipse. Is this binary moved to different folder?

  • Keep up the great work!!

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  • Really good tool to pinpoint oddities in large code base. I run cppcheck during the nightly build and it help catch problem in the process.

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  • Thanks very good project! +

  • Excelent tool!

  • Cppcheck is the best! Thanks.

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  • cppcheck is simple to use, and produces very helpful results!

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  • very good project, thanks!

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