comtypes is a pure Python, lightweight COM client and server framework, based on the ctypes Python FFI package.

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  • I am using comtypes to support running pyjamas applications on windows without compiling to javascript. Everything worked perfectly under windows xp. However now that I have migrated to windows 7 64 I've run into an issue. Here is what happens when I run the pyjamas timerdemo app under pyjd: command line is: "pyjd" Result is the following stack trace: Traceback (most recent call last): File "", line 306, in <module> onModuleLoad() File "", line 301, in onModuleLoad timerdemo() File "", line 265, in __init__ clock = Clock() File "", line 72, in __init__ self.onClick(self.button) File "", line 83, in onClick self.timer.scheduleRepeating(1000) File "C:\pyjamas\library\pyjamas\", line 168, in scheduleRepeating self.__tid = self.__setInterval(periodMillis) File "C:\pyjamas\library\pyjamas\", line 188, in __setInterval def __setInterval(self, periodMillis): AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'threading' Under windows 7 64 I have installed python 2.7.3 64 and comtypes-0.6.2.win32. Under windows xp I was using python 2.7.3 32 and comtypes-0.6.1.win32 without problems. Anyone run into a similar problem on windows 7 64? Update 11/1/2010 I found that pulling pyjamas code using github doesn't pull all the files for pyjd. That is the cause of the above problem. If you pull the zip file form github instead, you will then get the otherwise missing pyjd files. After finally installing pyjd "in full", the timerdemo example then worked....the next problem was that anyplace a height or width is specified as an integer value must be changed to use a string like "80px". Previously under windows xp, you could get a away with just passing an integer value for number of pixels. No longer true under windows 7. Now, let me contribute what this is supposed to be for, reviewing comtypes...Without comtypes, pyjd would not work at all under windows, and that would make the pyjamas development cycle under windows far less appealing. So, I consider this chunk of code to be quite essential for anyone wanting to run their pyjamas application on windows without compiling to javascript. It is WAY easier to do pyjamas development under pyjd first, and then compile to javascript after working out the kinks. If you do not first test under pyjd, the slightest typing error in your python code becomes a major debugging challenge.

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