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  • best

  • The Telegram group is a great idea, but Nikolay doesnt answer right. Not everybody can dedicate their lifes to "speech recognition". EDIT: I was 2 harsh on him. He is trying his best to help people, even tho , he doesnt have to (join the telegram group and see it yourself) . If you want to use CMUSphinx, do it. But it isn´t the easiest. Thank you Nikolay <3

  • good projects and library

  • Love this project, an excellent automatic speech recognition toolkit.

  • excellent support

  • Very useful.

  • PocketSphinx is the best you can get as alternative for online speech-to-text solutions. I use it in developed command and control desktop applications (with US/UK English interface). Very fast, especially with small dictionaries and keywords search. Downsides: A little expensive in resources (CPU and memory) if running in NGram search mode. Only few supported languages (others require creating own language models which is not a trivial task even for experienced developers, i.e. I simply give up when designing a model for Polish language).

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  • Great tool for speech recognition with great support from contributor.

  • Kudos to the CMU Sphinx team. No other offline speech recognition library is more easy to use, more customizable and more accurate.

  • Hello, This project is wonderfull, forum is very interesting, and models become more and more accurte Thanks cmu Vincent Foucault (frenchie)

  • Works perfectly fine. The documentation could be reacher, else recognition fast, punctual after proper configuration! I can just recommend it!

  • This project is great,but the development doc is too simple...just have source code

  • Using it for isiXhosa, will soon report back :-)

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  • Satisfactory

  • Love it! But we have the source of c library. how can I get the source of jar?

  • great for ASR

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  • "The program can't start because MSVCR110.dll is missing" Despite the fact I DO have it installed. This program will waste your time as it doesn't work.

  • I love sphinx! It took me some time to get it running and to find out all the tricks and characteristics but works really great now and without it ILA voice assistant would not have been possible. Of cause the quality is not yet comparable to cloud services of multi-billion dollar companies but it's improving steadily and I'm sure it's just a matter of time ...

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  • Great, no also examples for Windows Phone (also works for Windows 8 apps)

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  • very good

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  • Sphinx is easy to install and setup and performs surprisingly well without any forced grammar. With PocketSphinx you can easily get some results, enabling you to focus more on configuring sphinx for your project at hand. The support is excellent, both in reaction time (on the forums and the IRC channel) and of high quality.

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  • Excellent Project

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  • very nice project!

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  • Thanks a lot for this beautiful API.

  • Thanx CMU sphinx

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