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  • It worked wonderfully on my MATLAB project. Thank you!

  • It just works

  • Quite useful tool! I'm fond of its multi-platform support!

  • Since for C# it is not possible to ignore "*.Designer.cs" files it isn't very useful for .NET! But it seems to be fine for C/C++. Why the hell is the .exe file so huge? (11 MB!)

  • does its job perfectly well

  • Hi,can anyone pls pls pls help me on this tool. I cannot able to count image (.jpg/.gif) files using this tool. Counting of images,dll's is necessary for me and that acquires some part among my total task given.Please someone help me.

  • Nice. Does a simple but clean job.

  • easy to use.

  • Fantastic! Put the .exe in the system path, then ran the .exe, space, file name or folder name, and a few seconds later, a nice little break down by file type and code type (i.e. blank lines, commented lines etc.) Couldn't have been easier!

  • Good and useful software

  • Great tool for developers, no problems with Qt code (unlike CCCC).

  • Not very happy since I found a bug in this cloc software Here is he command I typed : cloc-1.56.exe --diff C:\Users\uidv2465\Desktop\RAP_1.0.2 c:\Users\uidv2465\Desktop\RAP_1.0.3 --found=found.txt --count=count.txt --progress-rate=1 Too sligthly different big locks of code are in directories C:\Users\uidv2465\Desktop\RAP_1.0.2 and C:\Users\uidv2465\Desktop\RAP_1.0.3 (mainly C and C++) The "found.txt" indicates there are 9601 files. The "countings" stops a 7732. Pobably an infinite loop since there are still 12% of CPU for the cloc program afterwards. Problem is repeated using the script Problem is repeated using the previous versions up to the 1.52 (previous versions have a different problem with this invoking sequence)

  • good and helpfull

  • Up to date and actively maintained, unlike sloccount.

  • very good project

  • I've tested some of the line counters to build applications to analyze the source code and I recommend to use cloc. I made a brief review a few days ago:

  • Very useful

  • Very useful and complete script. Has many more options than I need. Works perfectly, fast and is easy to understand

  • Simple, yet objective and useful. good! :)

  • This is a very complete tool that displays coding related information. It's surprisingly simple to use and it should be on every developer's arsenal.