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September 23, 2015: Earlier this month, a cloc user reported that the Windows executable might have malware bundled in it. The file hash that I uploaded for cloc-1.64.exe is (md5sum 616a87f8e95d30b65348a037b4da34eb), whose integrity can be validated at https://www.virustotal.com/latest-scan/616a87f8e95d30b65348a037b4da34eb After the user report, I deleted the .exe from SourceForge but didn't back it up so we can't do forensics on it. As an alternative to using this Windows executable, follow the steps at http://cloc.sourceforge.net/#building_exe to build your own. -- Al Danial __________________________________________________________________________ Release Notes for cloc version 1.64 http://cloc.sourceforge.net June 27, 2015 New Languages: o DITA o dtrace o Elixir o Embedded Ruby o Julia o Mercury o Prolog o Protocol Buffers o PureScript o Qt Project o Racket o SAS o Standard ML o Titanium Style Sheet o Visual FoxPro o Windows Module Definition Updates: o Add support for sharpsign vertical bar block comments in Lisp. o Added python, python2.6, python2.7, python3, python3.3, python3.4 as script executables to identify Python files that don't end in .py. o Added rexx and regina as script executables for Rexx. o Extend Assembly filters to include !, |, @, --. o Add for, FOR, ftn, FTN extensions for Fortran 77. o Improve --show-lang so that it exactly matches a language instead of finding the language in a regex (eg 'C' matched nearly everything). o Update --explain to also print language extensions. o Change --sql schema by adding fields File_dirname, File_basename to table 't' of SQL output to simplify obtaining per-directory metrics o Escape embedded single quotes in file names (bug #127) for SQL output. o Improved language detection for Objective C (earlier misidentified as MATLAB or other .m languages). o Sort duplicate file lists by full path instead of basename to give repeatable output. o Change SQL schema 'text' type to more standard 'varchar(500)'. o Added .gradle extension for Groovy. o Better handling of files ending with .d (could be Linux init scripts). o Added .robot extension for RobotFramework. o Support Python unicode docstrings, patch by <clemens@kaposi.name>. o Ignore line ending styles when diff'ing Windows and Unix files. New options and features: --count-and-diff <set1> <set2> First perform direct code counts of source file(s) of <set1> and <set2> separately, then perform a diff of these. Inputs may be pairs of files, directories, or archives. See also --diff, --diff-alignment, --diff-timeout, --ignore-case, --ignore-whitespace. --include-lang=<L1>[,L2,] Count only the given comma separated languages L1, L2, L3, et cetera. Patch by Ryan Lindeman. --by-percent X Instead of comment and blank line counts, show these values as percentages based on the value of X in the denominator: X = 'c' -> # lines of code X = 'cm' -> # lines of code + comments X = 'cb' -> # lines of code + blanks X = 'cmb' -> # lines of code + comments + blanks For example, if using method 'c' and your code has twice as many lines of comments as lines of code, the value in the comment column will be 200%. The code column remains a line count. Patch by Ryan Lindeman. --sql-style=<style> Write SQL statements in the given style instead of the default SQLite format. Currently, the only style option is Oracle. Bug Fixes: o Added a more sophisticated method to align top level directories for --diff. o Fixes XML output when running with --sum-reports and --xml so the .lang file ends with <languages/> and the .file file ends with <files/> (previously both ended with <languages/>). o Fix logig error when handling HAML block comments. o Fix language filter for Groovy. o Fix some forward and backslash issues with file name parsing in Windows filenames during --diff. o Handle --exclude-file-list when running with --diff. o Fix regex error for detecting double extensions (eg .sproc.sql) provided by Super Dave <faygo@users.sf.net> ============================================================================ Release Notes for cloc version 1.62 http://cloc.sourceforge.net July 29 2014 New Languages: o CUDA o ECPP o F# o Grails o Haml o Handlebars o Harbour o HLSL o JSON o Kotlin o Mustache o PL/I o Puppet manifest o R o Racket o Rake o RobotFramework o Swift o TypeScript o Unity-Prefab o Velocity Template Language o Windows Message o Windows Module Definition o Windows Resource o WiX include o WiX source o WiX string localization o xBase o xBase Header o XQuery Updates: o JSP Added extension .jspf o MSBuild script Added extensions .vcproj, .wixproj, .vbproj o DOS Batch Added extensions .cmd, .btm o C++ Added extension .c++ o Pascal Lines that begin with {! are counted as code as some compilers treat these as a compiler directives. o Lisp Treat text between #| and |# as a block comment. o Suppress progress rate display if --quiet is set. o --exclude-dir directories are pruned before the file search descends into those directories instead of just ignoring files there o The logic that aligns file pairs between --diff sets was rewritten. Corner cases such as diff between one file and a set of files are handled much more precisely. New options and features: --explain=LANG Print the filters used to remove comments for language LANG and exit. In some cases the filters refer to Perl subroutines rather than regular expressions. An examination of the source code may be needed for further explanation. Added new filter macros: o remove_between_general, which accepts start and end comment marker. o remove_between_regex, which accepts start and end comment regexes. Properly handle text files that begin with Unicode Byte Order Marks. Bug Fixes: Remove spurious newlines produced by bad comment removal regexes which could cause incorrect diff's. Correctly handle file extensions with non-alphanumeric characters. Show file count with --sum-reports. Properly encode characters &,<,>,",' in XML output. Properly read and write entries for the 'remove_between_general' macro in language definition text files. ============================================================================ Release Notes for cloc version 1.60 http://cloc.sourceforge.net August 16, 2013 New Languages: o LESS o Razor o JavaServer Faces o SASS o Apex Trigger o Visualforce Component o Visualforce Page o Verilog-SystemVerilog o Pig Latin Updates: o Improved handling of UTF-16 (both little and big endian). o use Time::HiRes if available. o Improved logic that distinguishes between Objective C, MUMPS and MATLAB files. o Added information about duplicate files to output created by --ignored. o Added support for .tar.xz compressed archives. o CMake Added .cmake file extension. o MXML Added support for Actionscript o Groovy Added .gant file extension. o Vala Recognize Vala header files. New options and features: --max-file-size=<MB> Skip files larger than <MB> megabytes when traversing directories. By default, <MB>=100. cloc's memory requirement is roughly twenty times larger than the largest file so running with files larger than 100 MB on a computer with less than 2 GB of memory will cause problems. Note: this check does not apply to files explicitly passed as command line arguments. Bug Fixes: Suppress "Wrote <file>" messages when running with --quiet. Fixed an error that caused cloc to fail with "Can't use an undefined value as an ARRAY reference" when running with Perl 5.16 or newer when it encounters certain file types. ============================================================================ Release Notes for cloc version 1.58 http://cloc.sourceforge.net March 3, 2013 Version 1.58 introduces a new version numbering scheme: odd numbers represent development versions while even numbers represent stable, released versions. There was no release 1.57 as it was the development version leading to this release. New Languages: o Ant o Arduino Sketch o InstallShield o Maven o PowerShell o Rust o Vala Updates: o OCaml Added extensions .mli, .mly, .mll o --read-lang-def See the section --read-lang-def v. --force-lang-def below. New options and features: --diff-timeout N o Running diff on large files with many repeated lines may cause Algorithm::Diff::sdiff() to run for hours. This option sets the upper time limit on the duration of this operation for a single file pair. Default is 10 seconds. --force-lang-def FILE o See the section --read-lang-def v. --force-lang-def below. --skip-archive REGEX o Ignore files that end with the given Perl regular expression. For example, if given --skip-archive='(zip|tar(.(gz|Z|bz2|xz|7z))?)' the code will skip files that end with .zip, .tar, .tar.gz, .tar.Z, .tar.bz2, .tar.xz, and .tar.7z (feature req. 32). Prevent "defined(@array) is deprecated" warnings with Perl 5.16.1. Show an example of alternation in the documentation for the --match-d switch. --read-lang-def v. --force-lang-def The --read-lang-def option allows one to replace cloc's language processing filters with custom settings. The problem with this option is that it overwrites internal logic that handles languages which map to the same file extension. Currently these are MATLAB/Objective C/MUMPS -> .m Pascal/PHP -> .inc Lisp/OpenCL -> .cl The logic needed to handle these extension collisions is not easily expressed in an input text file. In any event, in most instances one merely wishes to augment cloc's language definitions with entries for new languages rather than replace definitions for known languages. For this reason, the behavior of --read-lang-def has been changed to merge new language definitions found in the given file with cloc's existing languages. Where there are conflicts, cloc's built-in definitions take precedence. This new behavior allows one to add new language definitions without sacrificing cloc's ability to count files languages ending with .m, .inc, or .cl. The new option --force-lang-def behaves exactly like --read-lang-def did in cloc versions 1.56 and earlier--it completely ignores cloc's internal language definitions and repaces them with definitions in the given file. However, one will no longer be able to count files with the extensions .m, .inc, or .cl. Bug Fixes: Suppress "Wrote <file>" messages when running with --quiet. Create .file output when running with --sum-reports (id 3571353). Correct output for languages starting with a lower case letter when running with --diff --sum-reports. Show correct count of files added/deleted with --diff (id 78). Handle special case of --diff between one file and a set of files (id 82). Prevent cloc from inadvertently counting lines from temporary installations of Algorithm::Diff and/or Regexp::Common. This happens on faulty Perl installations (eg. MinGW MSYS Perl) which cause File::Temp::tempdir() to return the current working directory. ============================================================================ Release Notes for cloc version 1.56 http://cloc.sourceforge.net April 3, 2012 Version 1.56 introduces an additional documentation file, cloc.1.pod, which can be used to produce cloc's documentation in the style of a Unix man page, plain text, HTML, or LaTeX. New Languages: o Clojure o ClojureScript o AutoHotkey o QML o CFScript o OpenCL New options and features: --unix o Override the operating system autodetection logic and run in UNIX mode. --windows o Override the operating system autodetection logic and run in Microsoft Windows mode. --show-os o Print the name of the of the operating system mode and exit. --csv-delimiter o Use the provided delimiter instead of a comma when generating csv output. --stdin-name o On UNIX systems, enables cloc to count code piped in via STDIN. This switch provides a filename for to use to infer the language. .git subdirectories are now ignored. Updated yacc counter to recognize C99 comments. Improved detection and reporting of ignored zero sized files. Removed spurious <languages> from YAML output. Fixed handling of multi-line Ruby comments surrounded by =begin/=end. Associated .ctl and .dsr extensions with Visual Basic Bug Fixes: Produce correct diff results when comparing empty files with populated files. Remove temporary directory names from --by-file output when working with archive files. Honor user's requested scratch directory if given --sdir. ============================================================================ Release Notes for cloc version 1.55 http://cloc.sourceforge.net October 14, 2011 Version 1.55 is a bugfix release to correct malformed XML output that was introduced in the 1.54 release. Two minor enhancements were added: New Languages: o Dart New options and features: --sum-one o Force printing of the SUM: line even if only one source file is counted. ============================================================================ Release Notes for cloc version 1.54 http://cloc.sourceforge.net October 1, 2011 New Languages: o CMake o Cython o Objective C++ o Ocaml o Smarty New options and features: --autoconf o Count files of recognized languages that end with ".in" (for example, code.h.in, Makefile.in) as used by GNU automake/autoconf. --match-d, --not-match-d o Include, or skip over, directories whose names match provided regular expressions. --follow-links o Follow symbolic links (on Unix-like OS's). YAML and XML output: header lines now include the cloc URL, version, # lines and files counted, etc. YAML and XML output: if writing to a file (rather than STDOUT), save the file name as an element inside the file. Include support for languages with double extensions. First implementation of these uses .spc.sql for SQL Stored Procedures and .data.sql as SQL Data as distinct from just SQL. Handle archive files (tar files, zip files, etc) with spaces in their names. Bug Fixes: Lisp: Include .lisp as a valid file extension. Correctly identify operating system as Windows if MKS Toolkit is installed. Fix incorrectly handled .inc files (could be PHP or Pascal). --counted o Correct output to show only files which were actually used to produce the code count. Also show the output by language rather than by filename. --diff o Fixed null output when one input has a single file while the comparison input has multiple files. o Fixed null output when no lines of code are modified in common files (only entire files were added or removed). o Handle cases where one of the two inputs is an empty file or directory. --diff + --exclude-file-list o --diff now skips files defined by --exclude-file-list --diff + --exclude-lang o --diff now skips languages defined by --exclude-lang --diff + --xml o Include user-provided xsl file name in XML --diff output. o XML output for --by-file and --by-file-by-lang. --diff + --csv o Added comma separated value output for --diff. --diff + --sum-reports o Can now use the --sum-reports option with --diff. --exclude-dir o Quote metacharacters when comparing directory names against --exclude-dir value. --strip-comments o Do not remove blank lines if they follow lines with (language-dependent) continuation markers. --sum-reports + --list-file o Allow the --sum-reports option to take its inputs from files defined by --list-file Outstanding issues: --sql output formats remain unimplemented for --diff. ============================================================================ Release Notes for cloc version 1.53 http://cloc.sourceforge.net New Languages: o Go o MXML New options: --lang-no-ext o Alternate method to count files without file extension. --ignore-case o Works with --diff; treat uppercase and lowercase text as equivalent. Bug Fixes: Pascal: Add // as a comment marker. IDL: Include .pro as a recognized file extension. --3: o Correct XSLT syle when running with --3. --diff: o Implemented YAML output option. o Implemented XML output option. Includes an optional default XSLT style file. o Include code/comment/blank counts of added files to total added material and include code/comment/blank counts of removed files to total removed material. o Ignore unrecognized languages. --exclude-ext o Was inadvertently disabled in v1.52; works now. Outstanding issues: --csv, --sql output formats remain unimplemented for --diff. ============================================================================ Release Notes for cloc version 1.52 http://cloc.sourceforge.net New Languages: o Groovy o Scala o XAML New options: --exclude-ext o Ignore files with the given file extension. --ignore-whitespace o Works with --diff; ignore whitespace in code and comments when computing differences. Bug Fixes: Fortran: Treat line starting with an exclamation mark as a comment. Cobol: Treat page eject directive and any line with characters in columns 1-6 as a blank line. --diff: o Fix negative value of removed blank lines. o Better output column alignment when running with --by-file. o Bug fixes when dealing with fully qualified Windows paths. --exclude-list-file o Can now also include directories to ignore in the supplied input file. Other Improvements: o Better logic to select the file whose name identifies it as containing source code when the file is one of several having identical contents (for example, if main.c and main.c.bak have identical contents, choose main.c for counting instead of main.c.bak, which would be rejected because the filename does not match any recognized language). o Contents of .hg/ (Mercurial) directories are ignored. o On Windows: Ignore case in file name extensions.
Source: README, updated 2015-09-24

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