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Capture2Text enables users to quickly OCR a portion of the screen using a keyboard shortcut. For more information visit: http://capture2text.sourceforge.net/ ---------------- Version History: ---------------- [Version 4.4.0 (7-28-2017)] - Ticket #16: Fixed issue where only first line of multi-line capture was translated. - Ticket #14: Added CLI option --clipboard. - Ticket #13: You may now call Capture2Text.exe with the --portable option to place the .ini settings file in the same directory as the .exe. - Ticket #12: Added "Trim capture" option to the Setting dialog. - Ticket #12: Added CLI option --trim-capture. - Added CLI option --deskew. [Version 4.3.0 (6-2-2017)] - Ticket #6: For CLI, output after each file is processed instead of outputting after all files have been processed. - Ticket #6: Added new CLI --output-format token: ${file}. - Ticket #5: Added CLI option --debug-timestamp. [Version 4.2.0 (5-13-2017)] - Ticket #4: Added option to log captures to file. - Ticket #4: Added option to append timestamp to debug images. - Ticket #4: Added CLI options --output-file-append and --output-format. [Version 4.1.0 (4-14-2017)] - Ticket #2: Fixed bug that caused CLI option "--screen-rect" to output an error. - Ticket #1: Added hotkey to toggle whitelist on/off. By default this hotkey is unmapped. - Ticket #1: Added hotkey to toggle blacklist on/off. By default this hotkey is unmapped. - Ticket #1: Added option to specify a Tesseract config file to both GUI and CLI. - Added whitelist and blacklist options to CLI. - Increased default lengths for text line captures. - Show help text when no options are provided to Capture2Text_CLI.exe. - Added suffix to some of spin boxes in the settings dialog. - Reduced border width in popup dialog. - Add version number to the .ini file. [Version 4.0 (4-2-2017)] - Complete re-implementation in QT/C++. - Added Translation feature (powered by Google Translate). - Added Re-Capture Last hotkey. - Added Text Line Capture hotkey. - Added Forward Text Line Capture hotkey. - Added Bubble Capture hotkey. - Added more Preview position options. - Added blacklist setting. - Added "Reset to defaults" links in Settings dialog. - Capture Box and Preview Box may now have outlines. - Better interface for specifying hotkeys in the Settings dialog. - Custom tray icon "balloon" window. - Added "Replace" tab to the Settings dialog. Substitutions/Replacements are now stored in the settings .ini instead of substitutions.txt. - Added sample Capture Box to Settings dialog. - Added sample Preview box to Settings dialog. - Added deskew option. - Added debug options. - Popup dialog now enabled by default. - Size of Popup dialog is now saved automatically. - Added "Topmost" option to Popup dialog. - Added "Font" option to Popup dialog. - Removed the "Enable OCR pre-processing" option (now always enabled). - Removed the "Strip furigana" option (now always enabled). - Removed the "OCR method" option. - Removed "Prepended/Appended Text" setting. - Removed "Send to Cursor" setting. - Removed "Send to Control" setting. - "Preserve newline characters" setting renamed to "Keep linebreaks". - "Preferences" dialog renamed to "Settings". - Added to Capture2Text_CLI.exe for command line usage. - Settings .ini file now stored in %appdata%\Capture2Text. - Changed some of the hotkey defaults. - Added Russian and Korean to default package and removed Italian. - Added icons to some of the items in the tray menu. - Added more information in the About dialog. [Version 3.9 (6-5-2016)] - Updated active selection corner logic. (Thanks R. Webster-Noble!). [Version 3.8 (1-15-2016)] - Updated Tesseract (3.05.00dev). - Support for additional languages. - Added the "OCR Method" setting. - NHocr is no longer packaged (but may still be copied from previous versions to the Utils folder) [Version 3.7 (7-04-2015)] - Text entered into the popup window will now be saved to the clipboard when the OK button is clicked and the Save to Clipboard option is checked. [Version 3.6 (5-15-2015)] - Removed the experimental speech recognition feature due to new Google Speech API v2 quota restrictions. - Fixed DPI scale issue with the capture box. (Thanks rocker7!). - Now compiled with AutoHotkey 32-bit Unicode v1.1.22.00 (was v1.1.14.03). [Version 3.5 (7-17-2014)] - Capture box should be less jumpy. - Preview will now only update when the user has stopped moving the capture box for at least 400 milliseconds. - When preview is setting to "Dynamic", the positioning should be less jumpy. [Version 3.4 (7-10-2014)] - Added option to strip furigana from Japanese text. - Added the "Auto" choice to the "Text direction" preference. - Removed the option to toggle "OCR pre-processing" from the Preferences. It may still be edited in settings.ini. - Changed the default "OCR pre-processing" hotkey to Shift-Ctrl-Windows-B. [Version 3.3 (3-2-2014)] - More minor tweaks to the Preferences dialog. [Version 3.2 (3-1-2014)] - Minor tweaks to the Preferences dialog. [Version 3.1 (2-28-2014)] - Improved OCR accuracy through use of better image pre-preprocessing (leptonica_util). - Now supports text and backgrounds of any color when OCR pre-processing is enabled. (In the previous version, only dark text on a light background was supported). - Added option to place the preview text beside the capture box. - Japanese (Tesseract) accuracy is now vastly improved through use of a Japanese-specific Tesseract config file. Also using this config file with Chinese (Tesseract). - Using Tesseract v3.02.02 for Japanese (was v3.01). - Replaced the binarize option with the OCR pre-processing option. - Removed "Send to Control" from the right-click menu. - Removed the Chinese (NHocr) language pack from default distribution. (You can still download it from https://code.google.com/p/nhocr/downloads/list). - Added the Italian language pack to the default distribution. - Removed setting of PreviewRemoveCaptureBox from the GUI. - Removed ConvertImageFormat (replaced with leptonica_util). - Now compiled with AutoHotkey 32-bit Unicode v1.1.14.03 (was v1.1.11.01). [Version 3.0 (8-27-2013)] - Added option to binarize captured image before sending it to the OCR engine. [Version 2.5 (7-5-2013)] - Updated NHocr from v0.20 to v0.21. - Now compiled with Ahk2Exe v1.1.11.01 instead of v1.1.05.06. [Version 2.4 (12-29-2012)] - Added support for Arabic, Danish (Alternate), Esperanto (Alternate), German (Alternate) and Slovakian (Alternate). [Version 2.3 (11-9-2012)] - Added option to remove the capture box before a preview OCR. This is more accurate, particularly with NHocr, but causes the capture box to flicker. - Changed the default image scale factor from 300% to 320% to meet Tesseract's minimum recommended DPI. - When using Japanese, revert to Tesseract v3.01. It is MUCH more accurate than v3.02.02. - Now passing a .ppm image to NHocr instead of a .pgm image to better handle non-grayscale captures. - Increased update rate of the capture box to make it appear more fluid. - Fixed text direction being ignored bug for Chinese/Japanese that was introduced in v2.2. - Fixed bug that caused the capture box to stick around after it was supposed to be removed. [Version 2.2 (11-4-2012)] - Upgraded to Tesseract v3.02.02. For details, see: http://code.google.com/p/tesseract-ocr/wiki/ReleaseNotes - Added whitelist option to the OCR tab. - Simplified substitution tokens and fixed whitespace bug. [Version 2.1 (10-7-2012)] - Added the substitutions feature. - Added command line options. [Version 2.0 (3-10-2012)] - Added the Preferences dialog. No more editing settings.ini by hand. - The popup window is now multi-lined. - Added option to preserve newline characters. - Limited preview to 150 characters. A trailing "..." will appear if necessary. - Added Speech Recognition Language option to right-click menu. - Cleaned up the right-click menu. - On the first run, inform user how to access the Preferences dialog. [Version 1.10a (2-18-2012)] - Removed GdiPlus.dll from distribution. [Version 1.10 (12-31-2011)] - Added preview box (and corresponding settings) [Version 1.09 (11-10-2011)] - Fixed speech recording stopping in the middle of a sentence. - Fixed VoiceMaxResults not working correctly. Also increased to 9 as default. [Version 1.08 (11-06-2011)] - Upgraded Tesseract to version 3.01 (it has better vertical text support and doesn't ignore small captures as much) - When using Tesseract Chinese or Japanese, you can now select the text direction (vertical or horizontal). To support this, added TextDirectionToggleKey and textDirection to settings.ini. - Changed default for ScaleFactor from 4.0 to 3.0 in settings.ini. - Changed menu text for Chinese and Japanese to reflect the OCR engine being used. [Version 1.07 (11-05-2011)] - Added voice recognition support via unofficial Google voice recognition service - Added the "Send To Cursor" option to menu. The setting.ini file includes: SendToCursor SendToCursorApplyBeforeAndAfterCommands - Renamed OCRAdjustment to OCRSpecific in settings.ini - Moved the CaptureBox section in settings.ini to the OCRSpecific section - Added VoiceSpecific to settings.ini. Section includes: VoiceMaxResults VoiceResultsWindowWidth VoiceResultsWindowFont VoiceResultsWindowFontSize VoiceSilenceBeforeStop VoiceLanguage - Added StartVoiceCapture to Hotkey section in settings.ini - Added VoiceLanguageToggleKey to Hotkey section in settings.ini - Removed scaleFilter from settings.ini - Removed the scaleFactor option from the menu (it's still in settings.ini) [Version 1.06 (12-12-2010)] - Added language quick access keys. - For Chinese and Japanese delete newlines. For other languages replace newlines with spaces. [Version 1.05 (12-04-2010)] - Fixed issue where the checkboxes in the language menu wouldn't disappear. [Version 1.04 (12-04-2010)] - Added ability to move the capture box by right-clicking - Added languages supported by the Tesseract OCR tool - Created a right-click menu that allow the user to select language, output type, capture box settings and scale factor - Removed unnecessary items from settings.ini [Version 1.03 (11-27-2010)] - Added ability to change dictionary when the Dictionary setting in settings.ini - Added Chinese dictionary [Version 1.02 (11-27-2010)] - Changed CaptureKey to StartAndEndCaptureKey in settings.ini - Added EndOnlyCaptureKey to settings.ini - Added ToggleActiveCaptureCornerKey to setting.ini [Version 1.01 (11-27-2010)] - Added ReplaceControlText to settings.ini - Added ability to use linefeeds, carriage returns and tabs in PrependText and AppendText - Added an "About" item to the tray menu. - Removed the capture box showing up in the taskbar - Removed the PassThruKey settings in settings.ini. They are no longer needed. - Changed the tray tooltip text - Cleaned up code and put the ScreenCapture routines in a separate file [Version 1.00 (11-26-2010)] - Initial version
Source: readme.txt, updated 2017-07-29

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