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BioFVM: Finite Volume Solver for Biological Problems. Version: 1.1.0 Release date: 23 February 2016 Homepage: Downloads: Summary: This update introduces write support for MultiCellDS digital snapshots, based upon the 0.5 draft of the standard. See for further information on this multicellular data standard. Also, as of this version, BioFVM is moving from the Apache 2.0 license to the (3-clause) BSD license, to ensure compatibility with GPL v2. Lastly, this release fixes a small bug where new basic_agents were not given a volume. This would cause discrete source/sinks to release/uptake 0 substrate. The default constructor now sets the volume to 1.0, so that source/sink rates correspond to per-cell rates unless the cell volume is set (in which case the rates are per-cell volume). New features: + Added detailed metadata output options for MultiCellDS. + Added several MultiCellDS write functions. + Added write support for MultiCellDS digital snapshots (draft standards 0.5). + Included a new matlab function for reading BioFVM-generated MultiCellDS data. (read_MultiCellDS_xml.m) + template_project.cpp updated to include MultiCellDS saves. + Changed license to Modified BSD (3-clause) to be GPL 2 and GPL 3 compatible. Bugfixes: + basic_agent::volume set to 1 in the default constructor, so that uptake and secretion rates are now (by default) per-cell, rather than per-cell volume, and so that cell sources and sinks aren't set to zero if the user doesn't specify cell volumes. + Full source for the tutorial is now included in a cleaner documentation folder. + Documentation folder includes an HTML file with links to tutorials on + Licenses for BioFVM and pugixml are now more explicitly included in a licenses directory.
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