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Version 5.0 lussman & jannicash:

  • Upgrade to PostgreSQL 9.3 JDBC 4.1 version 1102 driver
  • Improve support for Oracle
  • Re-implement the non-uniform random generator in TPC-C style.
  • Conform to clause and enable lookup by last name
  • Add a switch to disable terminal-warehouse association, spreading the data access over all configured warehouses.
  • Re-worked the run shell scripts and the location of SQL files to make support of more database types easier.
  • Add support for Firebird (
  • Add FOREIGN KEYS as defined by TPC-C 1.3.
  • Major code overhaul. The per transaction type terminal data generation, execution and terminal trace code is moved into a module jTPCCTData. The database connection with all prepared statements has moved into a module jTPCCConnection.
  • Add collecting per transaction result data and OS Level resource usage collection. The R statistics package is used to graph detailed information and a complete report in HTML can be generated from the data.

Version 4.1.2 TBD jannicash:

  • Fixed one more preparedStatement() leak. Hopefully with the help of Oracle's V$OPEN_CURSOR view we got them all now.
  • Fixed a possible deadlock problem in the NEW_ORDER transaction. Multiple parallel transaction could attempt to lock the same STOCK rows in reverse order. Sorting the order lines by item ID avoids this problem.

Version 4.1.1 2016-01-31 jannicash:

  • Changed the status line to update only once per second. The previous implementation was getting rather noisy at high throughput.
  • Fixed two preparedStatement() leaks that could cause ORA-01000 errors on longer runs with high throughput.
  • Fixed a problem in the calculation of sleep time between transactions when using limitTxnsPerMin that could cause the test to hang at the end.
  • Added support for escaping ; as \; in SQL files to be able to load functions and execute anonymous PL blocks (needed for next item).
  • Changed the definition of history.hist_id into a plain integer with no special functionality. Two new database vendor specific SQL scripts allow to enable the column after data load as an auto incrementing primary key. See HOW-TO-RUN.txt for details.

Version 4.1.0 2014-03-13 lussman:

  • Upgrade to using JDK 7
  • Upgrade to PostgreSQL JDBC 4.1 version 1101 driver
  • Stop claiming to support DB2 (only Postgres & Oracle are well tested)

Version 4.0.9 2013-11-04 cadym:

  • Incorporate new PostgreSQL JDBC 4 version 1100 driver
  • Changed default user from postgres to benchmarksql
  • Added id column as primary key to history table
  • Renamed schema to benchmarksql
  • Changed log4j format to be more readable
  • Created the "benchmark" schema to contain all tables
  • Incorporate new PostgreSQL JDBC4 version 1003 driver
  • Transaction rate pacing mechanism
  • Correct error with loading customer table from csv file
  • Status line report dynamically shown on terminal
  • Fix lookup by name in PaymentStatus and Delivery Transactions (in order to be more compatible with the TPC-C spec)
  • Rationalized the variable naming in the input parameter files (now that the GUI is gone, variable names still make sense)
  • Default log4j settings only writes to file (not terminal)

Version 4.0.2 2013-06-06 lussman & cadym:

  • Removed Swing & AWT GUI so that this program is runnable from the command line
  • Remove log4j usage from runSQL & runLoader (only used now for the actual running of the Benchmark)
  • Fix truncation problem with customer.csv file
  • Comment out "BadCredit" business logic that was not working and throwing stack traces
  • Fix log4j messages to always show the terminal name
  • Remove bogus log4j messages

Version 3.0.9 2013-03-21 lussman:

  • Config log4j for rotating log files once per minute
  • Default flat file location to '/tmp/csv/' in table copies script
  • Drop incomplete & untested Windoze '.bat' scripts
  • Standardize logging with log4j
  • Improve Logging with meaningful DEBUG and INFO levels
  • Simplify "build.xml" to eliminate nbproject dependency
  • Defaults read in from propeerties
  • Groudwork laid to eliminate the GUI
  • Default GUI console to PostgreSQL and 10 Warehouses

Version 2.3.5 2013-01-29 lussman:

  • Default build is now with JDK 1.6 and JDBC 4 Postgres 9.2 driver
  • Remove outdated JDBC 3 drivers (for JDK 1.5). You can run as before by a JDBC4 driver from any supported vendor.
  • Remove ExecJDBC warning about trying to rollback when in autocommit mode
  • Remove the extraneous COMMIT statements from the DDL scripts since ExecJDBC runs in autocommit mode
  • Fix the version number displayed in the console

Versions 1.0 thru 2.2 2004 - 2012 lussman:

  • Dare to Compare
  • Forked from the jTPCC project
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