Banman is a complete, stand-alone, automatic IP moderation system.

Written in PHP, Banman is dedicated to sharing an easily-customizable way to add a self-protecting site content mechanism to any web site.

Banman's single-file template support (template21) also offers a way to either easily jump-start a new "safe site", or to quickly add content protection to an existing site.

Banman protection comes in two forms: temp-ban and perm-ban.

A temp-ban TEMPORARILY bans a user from any more content views. Views must take place within a customizable grace period.

A perm-ban ever-bans an IP address by detecting any FURTHER violation within that same grace period.

The enforcement of both the 'temp-ban' and the 'forever-ban' are completely automated.

The ability to personally manage / view banishment activity is also included (banman.php.)

A web site in its own right, Banman also includes over 500 customizable, 'protectable' quotations (index_example.php).


  • Perfect for preventing robotic plundering & content scraping!
  • Includes sample site with over 500 'protectable' quotations (MightyMaxims)
  • Flat-file IP moderation - Database NOT required!
  • Use on any server: Written in 100% PHP!
  • Blacklist allows rejection by IP prefix (e.g. 180.76.5. and 180.76.6.)
  • Single point of entry (autoBan()) manages logging / banning activity
  • Ban a user for accessing content too rapidly or frequentely (temp-ban)
  • Ban a user for accessing content far too many times (perm-ban)
  • User interface can add / remove / report bannishment activities
  • Single-file web-site skin (template21.html)
  • Skin includes example for using google ads to earn money
  • Includes remote stylesheet (CSS) examples
  • Easy to install, customize, and use!
  • As used on the author's web sites
  • Completely customizable

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