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  • Not very useful. Not as good as AU3Recorder. Zero documentation. It only generates screen relative coordinates for the mouse, no option for window relative, no option to reduce the quantity of mouse events (for instance resolution threshold). The missing DLL issue is a minor annoyance (use cmd line instead). Comes with some ancient source code that won't compile in VC 2010.

  • Reliable and stable, thanks autoit-recorder

  • Works and fast.

  • I used to love this program, yet I can no longer find a stable version of it any where online. Ever since the former sourceforge security breack, this program will always give me the error message: MSVCP71D.dll was not found. I guess this file got lost on sourceforge some how. Oh, I see in the comments, that this can be run manually. Which just worked for me. Would you like me to write a batch file to replace that broken link in the start menu. It could possibly be ran after installation. I don't know enough about the code to patch it into the existing code. I remember a program like this in the past that looked a lot cleaner. Don't know what it was. None the less, if you change the start menu link to this it will work: C:\Program Files\INET-Consulting\AutoIT-Recorder\AutoItRecorder.exe

  • It is great!

  • GUYS... the dll file which u find missing .. is actually not.. i wonder y anybody didn't check out the source files. Its just that if you run the shortcut in Win>> Program Files >> AutoIt Recorder. it would give that error. You can manually navigate to "C:\Program Files\INET-Consulting\AutoIT-Recorder" and run AutoItRecorder from there. It is very helpful in giving the co-ordinates which can be used in your autoIt test scripts. The recording is not that accurate because it is still in development phaze. Hope to see the next version of recorder with more functionalities. Cheers !! Happy Testing :)