AsterixInspector - displays contents of files in Eurocontrol Asterix format. Asterix is a binary data exchange format in aviation, standardized by Eurocontrol.

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  • Advantages: 1. Nice and easy to use GUI. 2. Detailed description and decoding of all the fields of all records of the selected codogram (but not SP/RE of course). 3. Missing mandatory fields are reported. 4. Hex view of the data file allows to find the needed codogram independently of record container format (assuming the user does know the format or can locate the beginning of the codogram). 5. Works out of the box right after you compile it (which is simply qmake && make). 6. Any disadvantages/bugs can be fixed by skilled enough user since the project is open-source. Disadvantages: 1. Hex view is not very convenient since bytes are grouped in 4 items, which makes it a bit harder to differentiate sequence like F1 47 vs 0F 14 75 and thus locate byte with particular value (14 in the example). 2. No way to automatically search in the hex view

  • Hello, which compiler or IDE do I need to open the project?. Thank you for the open source.

  • Very helpful. In combination with wireshark, which allows you to save the binary data this tool allows for deep inspection of the asterix data! Great to see an open source project for asterix processing!

  • I 'm dealing with asterix protocol so it's great to see an open source project on it. If only there is some demo data to test if the program run smoothly or not, if you could, please include some demo data in the next release. Sincerely yours. Thanks.

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