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Stendhal is a fun friendly and free multiplayer online adventure game. Start playing, get hooked... Get the source code, and add your own ideas...

Stendhal has a huge and rich world. You can explore cities, forest, mountains, mines, plains, caves and dungeons. You could meet over 250 NPCs, many will give you tasks and quests for valuable experience, shiny gold, but mainly a warm fuzzy feeling. If you just want to fight that helps too - the cities could get overrun by monsters without you!

Your character will develop and grow and with each new level up become stronger and better. With the money you acquire you can buy new items and improve your armour and weapons, trade with friends, or look for what other players are giving away in the 'community chest'.

Stendhal runs on Windows, Mac and Linux, written using Java 1.5 and the Java2D environment. The main game server has a website at


If you want to play the Stendhal, you need the Stendhal client, which is the file.

Then unzip the client zip into a new folder.

You can double click on stendhal-starter.jar and the client will run.

If you prefer to run from command line, then just execute this command in the stendhal folder:

  • java -jar stendhal-starter.jar

There is a manual at, and there is Help from the client main menu too.

Source: stendhal-readme.markdown, updated 2016-04-12