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//\\ //==\\ // ni \\ - Server ~ ~ Ani-Server is not quite a Full Featured server [ neither it was intended to be] , but its just a simple HTTP Server , Which handle's some HTTP requests and can be further used for File Sharing and Network testing purposes. [*]How to install[*] Ani-server needs UNIX Socket API installed in your OS for compiling Compiling with GCC :- command :- gcc web_server.c -o web_server | | | | The source The desired file name elf name.. [*]How to Use[*] You can use Ani-Server as any other server.... The files Path is Defined as webroot '/home/aneesh/aniroot' as default (This path should exist on your computer to make the server work) The Port no is defined to as 80 which is the default port no used by browsers... Some uses of Ani-server :- 1. Can be used for file sharing 2. Web-Hosting etc,... etc... [*]How to Un-install[*] Un-installing Ani-server is Pretty easy... 1. Just go to the path where you compiled Ani-server (The place where the binary exists) 2. Remove the file
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