AML Filter is an enterprise class open source software solution meant for anti money laundering compliance and risk reduction. The system screens names and related data against AML watchlists with efficiency, accuracy and with negligible false positives.


  • Tremendous Accuracy and throughtput (1000's transactions/sec)
  • Automatic/Scheduled Management of Watchlists (public/private/enterprise)
  • Highly Configurability and Portability
  • SSL 128-bit security/ IP Address Validation
  • Easy extensible (API) / Easy Integration and scalability
  • Modular Design: Admin, Real Time Screening, Batch Screening
  • Straight Through Processing (STP) /Realtime Watchlist Filtering
  • PEP screening

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User Reviews

  • Complex functionality simplified

  • I am trying to integrate the project in my system but i am getting error in amlf-admin/jsp/status/index.jsp in line no. 86 and other jsp also so please give me the solution.

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  • Your project has been very helpful for me. I am trying to integrate with the system i am developing. But i am getting error in admin-engine jsp status page. "An error occurred at line: 86 in the jsp file: /jsp/status/index.jsp The method validateProcess(Long, String, boolean) in the type ProcessService is not applicable for the arguments (long, String) 83: ProcessService os = (ProcessService) ctx_ipaddress.getBean("processServiceTarget"); 84: 85: try { 86: os.validateProcess(Long.parseLong(PROCESSID), request.getRemoteAddr()); 87: 88: validProcessIdForIP = "TRUE"; 89: " I know this question has bee posted before. But i can't find any solution for this. Please respond as soon as possible. Thank you for your time.

    1 user found this review helpful.
  • I would definitely recommend your project. Its been a great help. but I am not able to open the link : http://localhost:21001/amlf-admin/jsp/status , I get the error - "Internet explorer was not able to open this internet site". I also get a javascript error stating "validateProcess requires three parameters (long,string,boolean) whereas in the code (amlfilter-install-beta-1.0\runtime-1.0\tomcat_amlf-admin\webapps\amlf-admin\jsp\status\index.jsp) it is as follows: os.validateProcess(Long.parseLong(PROCESSID), request.getRemoteAddr()); Please help me to resolve this issue. Thanks & Regards Piya

    1 user found this review helpful.
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Intended Audience

Information Technology, Financial and Insurance Industry

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Programming Language


Database Environment

PostgreSQL (pgsql)