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Amine Platform (c) 2004-2017 Adil KABBAJ Version: Amine 8.5 INSEA, MOROCCO October 2017 Amine is a Java Open Source Platform, suited for Ontology-based applications, Knowledge-Based Applications, Conceptual Graph based applications, intelligent systems, and Multi-Agents Systems. Amine Java source code has been compiled with JDK 1.8 Amine platform is hosted by - Amine Project: // - Amine Web Site: // - Amine Release: files and can be downloaded from // Download and decompress It contains the Java source code in "src" directory, the APIs documentation in "docAPIs" directory, the compiled code in "classes" directory and the batch-file "runAmine.bat" that we use to activate AmineSuiteGUI. AmineSuiteGUI provides an access to all the GUIs, the samples, and the tests available currently in the platform (except for the MAS layer). contains also an executable jar file: "aminePlatform.jar". Also, contains directory "lib" for the used libraries. To run Amine, user can use directly (with a simple double click on) the executable jar file: aminePlatform.jar Another possibility is to use Java instruction "java ..." : in this case, each user should set his/her own batch-file depending on the path of the JDK used. On Windows, you can modify "runAmine.bat" to take into account your own JDK path. A similar file can be created for operating systems other than Windows. contains also External package(s) used by Amine Platform : jdom-b8.jar which corresponds to JDOM version 1.0 Beta 7, (c) Jason Hunter and Brett McLaughlin JDOM license: BSD/Apache style, see // for more detail. It contains also packages for Jade platform and for OWL. Download and decompress It contains the Amine Web Site which provides valuable documentation on Amine platform and its components. The main additions to Amine 7 and Amine Web Site are provided in the two files: "ACE_Amine.pdf" and "Import ontologies.pdf" that can be downloaded from sourceforge. Enjoy Adil KABBAJ INSEA, MOROCCO October 2017
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