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Release of Amine Platform 8.5

The main difference between Amine 8.5 and Amine 8.0 concerns some modifications on the integration of ACE into Amine Platform.

Posted by Adil KABBAJ 2017-10-10

Release of AminePlatform 8.0

The main additions/modifications from Amine 7 to Amine 8 are :

1- Integration, in Amine, of the controlled english "Attempt to Controlled English (ACE)".
Knowledge can be expressed in ACE, instead of (or beside) CG.

2- Importation of types from other ontologies. Several ontologies can be used in one application.

3- Some bugs and misconceptions have been fixed.

4- Amine WebSite has been updated to take into account the above additions/modifications. ... read more

Posted by Adil KABBAJ 2013-11-25

Amine Platform 6.0 Release

Amine is a Java open source multi-layer platform dedicated to the development of Intelligent Systems and Multi-Agents Systems.

Posted by Adil KABBAJ 2009-02-19

New Release: Amine 6.0

Amine is a Java open source platform for the development of Intelligent Systems and Multi-Agents Systems.
The main additions in Amine 6 (in comparison to Amine 5) include:
1- Integration in Amine of Standard CGIF notation.

2- The addition of Text Ontology Editor in Ontology Editors GUI. See Ontology/KB Editors GUI

3- Several extensions/changes concerning SYNERGY (See Synergy for more detail)

4- The possibility to apply Memory Based Deductive Inference on Rules with
activable/executable CG as antecedents.... read more

Posted by Adil KABBAJ 2009-02-18

New Release: Amine 5.0 released

Amine 5.0 is now released. Compared to the previous version 4.0 there are major extensions:
1- Amine 5.0 introduces RULE as a new Conceptual Structure, beside Definition, Canon, Individual and Schema/Situation. Thus, ontology and KB can contain RULEs as well as Definitions, Canons, Individuals and Schemata/Situations.
2- Amine 5.0 introduces two new layers: KnowledgeBase Layer that allows for the creation, edition and use of KBs separated from ontology, and Memory-Based Inference and Learning Strategies Layer that provides several memory-based inference and learning strategies.
3- Dynamic Integration Process (Dynamic Formation and Update of Ontology/KB) has been "decompressed" in different processes, to take into account the variety of Conceptual Structures, of Ontologies, and of KBs that can be constructed: Amine 5.0 provides now definition integration process, situation integration process, rule integration process, heterogenous integration process. Also, the three modes of integration process are now clearly defined: classification-based integration process, generalization-based integration process, and information retrieval process.
4- Some bugs and changes have been fixed and performed.
5- Amine WebSite has been updated to take into account the above extensions. Also, Amine 5 WebSite comes now with a new Home Page.

Posted by Adil KABBAJ 2008-01-25

Brief Introduction to Amine 4.0

Amine is a Multi-Layer Java Open Source Platform suited for the development of different types of intelligent systems (Knowledge-Based Systems, Ontology-Based Systems, Conceptual Graphs Based Applications, NLP applications, ...) and intelligent agents. Amine is composed of four layers or levels:

1) The Kernel level (Multi-Lingua Ontology Layer): which offers a possibility to create, edit and ask an ontology defined in terms of Conceptual Structures -CS- (definition, canon, individual and situation).
Several conceptual lexicons can be associated to such an ontology (i.e. lexicons for English, French, Spanish, Arabic, etc.) allowing multi-lingua conceptual ontology. Since an ontology can be shared by several agents with different languages, we decided to develop a multi-lingua platform, i.e. a multi-lingua ontology and multi-lingua structures. Thus, users with different languages can express knowledge in their languages and still share all knowledge expressed in other languages. This is done in Amine thanks to the separation between conceptual elements (concept type, concept referent, relation type) and their identifiers in a specific language. Multi-lingua is one key feature of Amine platform. Another key feature of Amine is that Amine ontology is not restricted to a specific description scheme: for the description of Conceptual Structures (the basic components of Amine ontology), the developer can use CG, KIF, a Frame-like notation, RDF, XML or any description scheme that is implemented in Java (and, in preference, that implements some interfaces of AminePlatform like AmineObject and Matching). The kernel/ontology level is implemented as a Java package called "kernel" that contains itself two packages: "lexicons" and "ontology". The kernel is a “stand-alone” level; the "kernel" package can be used without the other levels and even without the adoption of any description scheme (see Ontology and Samples for more detail on this possibility). Also, beside the APIs for the creation and use of an ontology with its associated lexicons, Amine offers a graphic interface, LexiconsOntology GUI, to browse, create, edit, and update an ontology. ... read more

Posted by Adil KABBAJ 2007-02-26

New Release: Amine 4.0 released

The main additions in Amine 4 (in comparison to Amine 3) include :
a) Additions in the Ontology GUI, especially Ontology Graphic Editor, Browser Graphic Editor and Ontology Automatic Drawing. Also several "small" additions have been added: popup list associated to Find action, a better organization of concept popup menu, visualization of content frame with a left click, etc. See Ontology GUI for more detail.... read more

Posted by Adil KABBAJ 2007-02-21

New Release: Amine3.5

The new version of Amine, Amine 3, is now available. All the components of Amine 2 (the Kernel and the Algebraic layers with the associated GUIs) have been updated. New CG operations have been included: contraction, analogy, compare and coveredBy operations.

Most important: The engine (or programming) layer that contains Prolog+CG, the Core of Synergy and
Dynamic Ontology is now available. All the three engines are completely implemented and integrated to Amine 3 with their GUIs. Also, Amine 3 provides three new basic ontology processes: elaboration, elicitation and information retrieval. Integration of metaphor in Amine Ontology and related processes are also discussed.... read more

Posted by Adil KABBAJ 2005-03-03

New Release: Amine3

Amine 2 has been reworked (refine and debug) and extended to include: PROLOG+CG 3, DYNAMIC ONTOLOGY ENGINE, Graph Drawing, Some Basic Ontology Processes like Elaboration, Elicitation and Information Retrieval. Part of the Core level of Synergy is included and Agent-Based application was developed (with JADE)

Posted by Adil KABBAJ 2005-01-07

New Release: Amine 2.1

Changes from Amine 2.0 to Amine 2.1 concern the Ontology structure and the Ontology GUI. See the file "changes.htm" for a detailed description of these changes and see "ReadMe.txt" for the transition from Amine 2.0 to 2.1

Posted by Adil KABBAJ 2004-07-15

Precision on Ontology Structure

We added the file "OntologyAddition.pdf" to Amine2 Release, it contains precision on the structure of an Ontology in Amine and discusses the distinction between "weak" vs "strong" conceptual and multi-lingua Ontology.

Posted by Adil KABBAJ 2004-07-07