• Features Sammy XXBMR8 JB 4.1.2 base Custom Install Engine - Choose either Stock or Alliance theme Choose Stock, Perseus Or Boeffla Kernel Clean build.prop Playstation certified just needs playstation app installed Choose to install Sammy bloat apps (available to install through ROM customizer afterwards shouldyou not flash them and find you need one) Choose to install Google bloat apps (available to install through ROM customizer afterwards should you not flash them and find you need one) Alliance ROM Customizer - with root browser and more from ficeto AllianceOTA - Tons of individual theming options. Pick and choose what you like and send us your favourite stuff to be added! Revamped Alliance Control - with color preview Alliance Backup: Backs up custom settings so you can restore all your colors and options after wiping! Great idea man! Thanks T-pip Alliance Wallpaper: Used to set any picture on dropdown panel. Great work again! Masses of Color options. Choose ANY color/transparency for: Phone Text Statusbar Notification Panel Notification Item Dropdown Header Toggle Background Slider Background Close Handle Clear Button Background Ongoing Headers Statusbar Clock Dropdown Clock Dropdown Date Battery Icon Battery Text Battery Text When Low(Text Only Battery) Battery Text When Charging (Text Only Battery) Battery Bar Wifi Icon Signal Icon Settings, Recents and Lock buttons Carrier Onging Title Data Traffic Display Stock and 25 Toggles Colour Stock and 25 Toggles Text Power Menu Overscroll Dialer Checkboxes and Switches Spinner and Sliders Lockscreen Text Ink Effect ZTE Lock Image BB, Acer, LG Shade HTC Unlock Ring Lockscreen Options: 15 Lockscreens -Improved Ripple Effect, Circle, Ink, Jellybean, Blackberry 10, Acer, LG Optimus, Xperia Z, HTC Sense, Lezo and Rotary,Honey, Panasonic, Tab and Zte 6 customisable target for any app 5 icon JB lockscreen Ripple Toggle Ink Toggle Set Xperia Lock Wallpaper Selectable unlock image for jb, honey and zte lockscreens Weather on all lockscreens Aosp lock vibration toggle Hide Status Bar On Lockscreen Lock Screen Torch Long Press Skip Track Long Press Skip Track Action Long Press Skip Track Timeout Divide missed event Quick Unlock Lockscreen Sounds Statusbar Options Center, right or no clock Small, Normal or no AM/Pm Small, normal or no weekday Dropdown date short click for Nothing, Alarm, Calender or Voice Commands Dropdown date long click for Nothing, Alarm, Calender or Voice Commands Hide dropdown header Show statusbar in dropdown Long press settings to hide toggles Show/hide recents button Show/hide lock button Show/hide settings button Show/hide brightness slider Show/hide carrier Custom Carrier text Enable/disable dim screen on dropdown Stock, text only, icon with offset text, icon with center text, circle or hide battery icon Show/hide battery bar Normal or centered battery bar Battery bar thickness Battery bar charge animation Show/hide alarm icon Show/hide bluetooth icon Show/hide sound icon Show/hide blocking mode icon Show/hide keyboard icon Show/hide data traffic speed Stock or 25 Toggles Stock toggles enable/disable auto scroll Show/hide toggle text Show/hide toggle indicator 3, 4, 5 or 6 toggles in view Added wifi hotspot, flight mode and torch toggle to stock toggles Any image for dropdown Powermenu Options Show/hide screenshot Show/hide data Show/hide flight mode Show/hide Accessibilty Show/hide power off Show/hide restart Show/hide sound modes General Options Back, Menu or no long press to kill app Enable/disable crt animation Enable/disable low battery pop up Enable/disable full charge notification Enable/disable usb connect sound Enable/disable email security Enable/disable browser edge zoom (stock browser) Enable/disable tw launcher scrolling wallpaper Enable/disable tw launcher rotation Phone Options Call recording individual or auto Conference Calling/Call Record Toggle Non increasing ring toggle Call end delay setting Messaging Mods Increased message limit per hour Enabled Scheduled Messaging Enabled Save Restore Messages (sms only) Enabled Group Conversation Messages Enabled Split View Option For Messaging When In Landscape Increased MMS Attachment Size (If have a service provider which limits the size of MMS sent and you are unable to send MMS flash this zip to restore stock MMS Size) Screen on/off toggle when receive message Up to 200 contacts for messages Message sent time shown Increased sms-mms threshold Camera Mods Vol buttons take picture Flash available on low battery Use camera during calls Enable/Disable Shutter Sound Increased quality General Mods Removed Messages from log Popup Browser Disabled Scrolling Cache Unplug wont wake 4 way reboot 4 way rotation No home button lag with double tap intact and no longer goes to default home screen NFC with screen off Usb otg fix Media scanner fix Note 2 Keyboard without auto correct Tabbed style settings Apks added Flash player Xposed framework Xposed app settings Roletube Probably more which will add once remember OTA UPDATES Updates Section Enable Boot Animation in ROM Enable Always On DesktopView (Stock Browser) Xperia Launcher and widgets with widget picker T-pip's Reset permissions app -- THIS IS FOR PEOPLE WHO CANNOT PUT THE IMAGES IN ALLIANCE FOLDER DUE TO PERMISSIONS ISSUES, JUST RUN IT ONCE, UNINSTALL, SHOULD BE FIXED AccuWeather widget in these variants: SEMI TRANSPARENT TRANSPARENT TRANSPARENT + RAINDROPS SEMI-TRANSPARENT NEW (19.10.2013) NORMAL NEW (19.10.2013) AccuWeather Widget HTC Style: TRANSPARENT + RAINDROPS SEMI TRANSPARENT BLACK NEW ***Thanks brainvision for sharing these and thanks to KIMBASINGER for the original mods Boot Animations 19 Optional Boot animations (must be enabled with update) Alliance ROM Themes Backgrounds: Selection of 12 wallpapers for background Batteries: Selection of 9 Batteries YOU MUST HAVE CIRCLE BATTERY SELECTED IN CUSTOM SETTINGS Themes: Elegant ported to AllianceROM *THANKS TO ThilinaC FOR ALL HIS WORK ON THIS THEME Wifi&Signals: Selection of 4 pairs of wifi and signal icons Toggles: Selection of 4 toggles to choose from NEEDS TO HAVE STOCK TOGGLES DISABLED

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