A.L.A.R.M. is A Laptop A/C Removal Monitor for Windows XP and later. If your workstation is locked and A/C power is being removed, it loudly plays a warning signal for theft protection. Slim, sound file can be specified.

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User Reviews

  • Great small app. Just one thing: If the laptop is close, switched off or volume is turned down (by the theft), then the alarm is disabled. It will be great if someone can add a new feature to disable the sleep mode, the switch button and the volume control. Anyone interested?

  • A.L.A.R.M. A Laptop A/C Removal Monitor v1.0 - use as unplug (not theft) alarm. I've modified prog so alarm sounds even if not locked, does not lock machine, and has a quiet spoken warning, not klaxon.|| A.L.A.R.M. 1.0 is a useful program, but does not do exactly what I want it to do. It is intended to warn about an attempt to unplug a machine to steal it; I use a machine at home with a loose power connector that sometimes falls out (it's from an iGo universal power supply and is probably a design issue that a new connector won't help). (I've reviewed it as 4 out of 5 stars for features because it's not exactly what _I_ want and has no configuration options; 5 stars for its intended purpose, only.) The program as supplied only sounds the alarm if the machine is locked; right-clicking the system tray icon reveals an option to allow the alarm to sound even if not locked (which is what I need). The alarm always locks the machine, fine for anti-theft, but not what I want, I want an alarm, but a machine I can continue to use without typing a password. It would be useful for there to be configuration options to do this, but instead I have made very small changes to the script to make a custom version that does what I want. The original program is supplied as an executable, compiled from a script also supplied, using the AutoHotkey (AHK) scripting language. There is a small bug in the script supplied: the compiled version displays in German, the script in English, but a prompt has been left in the script in both German and English; both instances must match (the "if locked only" option can't be changed otherwise). I have changed a few lines in the script to make it work as I need (default to sound even if not locked; does not lock machine when activated). The modified script can be run with AHK loaded, or it can be compiled into an executable with the AHK compiler; the AHK program is then not needed. I have called my executable "UnplugAlarm.exe" to distinguish it from the original. It needs a sound file with a matching name "UnplugAlarm.mp3". Rather than a klaxon, a warning file which quietly says something like "running on battery", followed by a minute of silence, on an endless loop (in case out of the room) is best. To stop the alarm (e.g., if intending to run on battery), just stop the program. Changed lines in Notebook-Alarm.ahk (quite obvious to find):|| ;; MS changes: seek &&&MS.|| ;; ***MODIFIED*** to sound even if unlocked, and not to lock the machine|| Menu, Tray, Add, Unplug alarm: only when locked, doToggleLock ; &&&MS prompt changed|| ;Menu, Tray, Default, only when locked &&&MS commented out|| Menu, Tray, ToggleCheck, Unplug alarm: only when locked ; &&&MS|| ; DllCall("LockWorkStation") &&&MS commented out, do not lock on unplug||

  • Working in a public library or similar and need to leave your laptop / tablet? THIS is exactly what's needed. Works on Windows Surface Pro with latest 64 bit OS as at 8/1/2015. Can arm all the time or only if screen is locked. Will not set off alarm if AC power is not connected and screen is locked, only if it's connected when locked and then removed. Replacing the AC power turns it off even when the screen is still locked. Brilliant. Should be built into the OS. Thanks a bunch to the dev. Cheers.

  • good job

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