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  • I love it. I haven't made a complete game with it yet, but coming from a minimal background in C, and Adventure Game Studio, everything is very easy to understand. I use Ubuntu as my everyday desktop, and it works awesomely. With the original AGI interpreter, I can port my games all the way down to my old IBM PS/2 8086. Works wonderfully on it! Which is exactly what I was looking for. I hope to see this continue to be developed!

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  • As new linux user, I didn't first manage to compile according to instructions but fortunately QT 4 Creator did that. README supplied is outdated. As AGI an experienced game developer, Opening existing game.. Game specific files have to be in lower case? Now that is outright silly. Users shouldn't be forced to rename files of every game they want to edit or just to open and view resources. QT AGI Studio doesn't remember or store recently opened games nor the recent file paths. Also recompiling all seems to just blatantly crash the QT AGI Studio. Sound: There is an ability to save the output as midi but if I want to hear them directly via IDE: "Can't initialize sound!" Picture: The new 1.3 feature to be able to import bitmap-files is fantastic ability alone, even to qualify as own application. QT AGI Studio's own picture editor only provides basic functionality; it doesn't allow editing pictures full screen, not even zooming, as it just makes the picture box blank. Tools are very basic, and tools' behaviour too rigorously follows rules set by AGI pictures. Wouldn't it be easier and better for everyone, if the picture editor would be just a normal bitmap picture editor supporting AGI pixels 2x1 size and 16 colour palette? And in the picture editor would just invoke the convert bitmap -> PICTURE-function? View: Fill-tool doesn't seem to working. Interesting behaviour when moving view off the screen, it appears from opposite direction. Logic: You can actually create the very basics for normal adventure game from scratch, with setting horizon, ego positions, printed messages and so forth. Unfortunately colours of the logic editor can't be customized at all. Overall: While QT AGI Studio does have few very exceptional qualities in it, like importing existing bitmap pictures and newbie friendly logic room initialization, it also has a number of bugs and still lacks very basic features.

  • I can't get my computer to unzip the download. I don't think my computer knows what a .tar.gz file is, and so it gives me an error.