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yagina.com-clone.zip 2014-06-04 88.5 MB 11 weekly downloads
2011-10-09 Changelog.txt 2011-10-10 344 Bytes 11 weekly downloads
2011-10-08 Changelog.txt 2011-10-10 196 Bytes 11 weekly downloads
2011-10-04 changelog.txt 2011-10-08 1.6 kB 11 weekly downloads
2011-09-30 changelog.txt 2011-10-08 779 Bytes 11 weekly downloads
2011-10-03 changelog.txt 2011-10-08 715 Bytes 11 weekly downloads
2011-09-29 changelog.txt 2011-10-08 725 Bytes 11 weekly downloads
2011-09-28 changelog.txt 2011-10-08 681 Bytes 11 weekly downloads
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* * Adult Webmaster Script for webdesigners and sufers Copyright 2011 - Jeff Zakovec * www.yagina.com * * This file is part of Adult Webmaster Script for webdesigners and sufers . * * Adult Webmaster Script for webdesigners and sufers is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify * it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by * the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or * (at your option) any later version. * * Adult Webmaster Script for webdesigners and sufers is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, * but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of * MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the * GNU General Public License for more details. * * You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License * along with PHP Array Pagination ; if not, write to the Free Software * Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307 USA * \************************************************************/ Change log for Adult Webmaster Script PLEASE POST PROBLEMS IN ON THE PROJECT PAGE TICKET SYSTEM SO THEY CAN BE FOUND AND FIXED. http://sourceforge.net/p/adultweb/tickets/ http://sourceforge.net/projects/adultweb/ NOTES: To Use the Admin area you must first Move /admin/register/register.php to /admin/register.php and move your browser to /admin/register.php to create a user, then move register.php back to /admin/register/register.php. IIS USERS! you will most likely have problems with this script, please run it on a linux machine. Some of the urls in /includes/database.url.php is not fully dynamic with /siteconfig.php (80% complete). If using /blog.php (pivotx.net) make sure you select file system as the database. /pivotx during yagina.com-clone.zip creation is missing the users files from it's database, this is ok. (pivotx.net Removed from project, too many uncontrolable errors ) Just reinstall pivotx, create a new username and you shall have privlages. You can execute this command when in the /rss or /grcat folder to delete all files in /data/*, find . -name '*-*.txt' -exec rm -Rf {} \; this should remove all the current titles. I do recomend you using php.ini's prepend and append feature for external links to get redirected through /go/external.html. Make sure your php.ini has your settings set too, auto_prepend_file = /home/user/public_html/includes/prepend.php auto_append_file = /home/user/public_html/includes/append.php The auto_append_file ( is shooting out an error when it cant read the destination for some reason, I am aware of this, this is a bug and will be fixed in a leter version.) when copying descriptions from sponsor website to this script. Paste the results in "Live writer" using "paste special", align your content, click on source, then copy and paste the final into the page. This gives you a clean output. TODO: Create better looking nativations when browsing to rss, rss2, grcat, or directory indexes. Create a cross referance to the grcat feeds to $aid_your_id. Add pending sponsors. Add more 468x60 sponsor banners to /asys/halfb/halfb.txt home page random banners. Keep testing pivotx with features to see if it's even worth it. (pivotx removed) Pivotx was causing too many errors for my liking. Find more rss feeds for google reader => grcat or /rss/GR_*.php files for easy rss importing. Finish /admin so it's easier to add new sponsors. Keep updating /excel folder with excel files used to make defines() in the config files. Front page caching for 5 minutes Listing not being listed right and are being stacked on /rss/* 2011-11-14 Another Admin control was made for a total of three working pages in /admin/. /admin/ sponsor add CCBILL, Sponsor add OTHER, and Sponsor Add RSS Feed. I am still geting quite a few error notices and will work on resolving these. Also the abc sponsor pages have been updated with the new code that automaticly scans the go folder and prints out by letter each folder. Each go folder now holds the information about each sponsor in an info.txt file. Each go folder also holds information about the rss folder and rss2 folder. Each go folder contains the affiliate ID for the sponsor. This might be some hasle to begin with, but information will be more secure from being overwritten when new information is written. I would like to change these values at any time from the admin menu, the admin menu changes it for me, without editing a file. Most of the error notices are coming from duplicate entries not being read in a specific order, hence some entries are being missed from being read in an incorrect manner. This will be fixed in a later update. The goal here is each go subfolder contains the database information for each sponsor, rather than relying on a few files for all the information. I found this to be a risk. The admin menu is still a bit rusty but it's becoming better each day. Please stay tuned for more information. Today i came up with a nifty piece of code that will read all the folders starting with a, b, c, and so on. Each abc sponsor page is updated to the /go directory listing so nothing is left out. On top of this, a new file will be created in each /go/sponsor-name/info.txt for the sponsor description. Each abc sponsor listing will also look in the folder /img/asys/halfb/asys-halfb-sponsor-name-a.gif for a 486x60 banner. if banner does exist with that name, add it, if not, skip banner. look in folder /go/sponsor-name/info.txt if info exists add it, if not replace it with "adult webmaster affilate program". If you download the zip around this time, you will find Test-A.php with this code inside it. I've not updated the sponsor abc pages until this code is tested. so you can see the progress. I love this idea much better than editing each page and updating it. too often i forget to add sponsors to the abc sponsor page and they never get added. This will keep the whole idea easy, and html code can go inside info.txt. as for a banner, one just needs to be uploaded to the location above with a "GIF" extension (replace sponsor-name with the name of /go/sponsor-name ) make sence? I might to do the same idea for the /siteconfig.php affiliate id's because i already found myself over writing that file, when dreamweaver was editing some files as i was imporing sponsors into the admin panel. this was a bummer becasue now i had to guess at which ones were missing. This could also be done with the /includes/database.*.php files and serve a cached version to keep the disk scanning to a min. Time for bed, now adding descriptions (info.txt) to the sponsors should save time. 2011-11-13 changed the way how status.php ( page not found script ) to use your advertisments based on url. status.php still gives error404 headers, no index, no follow, and still redirects after 60 seconds now. status.php can earn you money still if you add either google adsense, or some other type of targeted ads. If you have any sugestions, on how to improve this script, please submit a ticket at the sourceforge link above. I'm figuring out how to work a svc for the changes and what not. this past week i am still working on adding descriptions to the abc sponsor directoy. also lately, i've been working on the admin area too. Thanks for your support. 2011-11-10 Added an /admin area to add ccbill and other sponsors. Admin Area Not Complete but it is a start. Last few days I started working on a Sponsor Index with a sponsor description. Fixed a typo in some of the cron jobs preventing it from running. 2011-11-07 Added a Letter list of each sponsor to help organize and make signing up simpler. Added a Footer Message. Cleaned up some messy code. Added an RSS feed to the front page for sufer updates based on 10 minute random picks from an updating database. RSS feeds are not encoded with the outgoing External.html because this is done once it is displayed on a normal page. I decided not to intergrate Pivotx into the zip file because it looses personality, even though i like it. Creating TGP pages from TGPX script is a bore and longer process than i thought, RSS feeds do it better. Some tweaks were done to the rss feeds and the cron scripts to prevent caching by adding a random string to each cron call. Some crons were not working, if this is your case, please offset the cron times by a few minutes instead of at 90 degree hours. Most of the site is created with Notepad and more recently a local install of xammp that help find problems not found on production servers. Added the webmaster sponsor name by letter at the top of the page for fast indexing of search robots. Updated /update_zip.sh with values that insert Disallows into robots.txt to block robots from crawling /go/o.php and external.html pages. 2011-11-03 and a few days before. Fixed the width of the front page, it was getting carried away. Fixed more notify php errors, causing issues. Removed Category, Admin and other folders just taking up space at the moment. Updated some minor issues and bad links. Reformated /index_files/txt_includes/rss/index.php.txt because of random php errors. fixed many typos. optimizing pages so it loads as fast as it can. Turned on /includes/pseudo-cron.inc.php again and it seems to be working fine after a fix was made to crontab.txt. Developer from pivotx.net fixed a duplication problem in the pivotx cms. Fixed the front page footer so it has an ending. 2011-10-30 Created a php pagenation for all the subfolders in RSS 80 titles per page. to help seo and limit urls per page on lengthy data foldrs. Added a Folder called /grcat which will be like the rss folder but it will hold. the google reader feeds updating every 15 minutes. Added ucwords(strtolower($str)) to rss and grcat folder template to captipalize first letter of each word on titles. Added 128 character limit on all new /rss(grcat)/*/data/*.txt folders to stop long titles from causing problems when importing. Added Link to front page side bar allowing navigation to the new grcat folder on /includes/crongrcat.php cron every 15 minutes. edited margins on front page to be more squished than spread out. Added 125 Banners from Spunky cash to random banner template Created a table around the random banner script to give it more texture. 2011-10-29 Changed the way /go/external.html is handled and used a meta refresh instead of manually clicking on the link. Also Changed the look of go/external.html to a more cleaner version still using javascript. Added Extreme Bank, Rio Cash to Sponsor List. Added More Banners to the Front Page Random Banner Script. Added Nasty Dollars, Rio Cash promo to front page. 2011-10-28 Added Jimmy Diamond to sponsors. Added a Folder called asys for random advertisement, there is a text file in each folder along with a php file. Each line of the .txt should be in html link form. Just call the url to the file in your page wishing for advertisement. updated /refresh.php and go/o.out.php to accept http in the middle of the url using simple str_replace place holders. Added over 300 Sponsors. 2011-10-27 Updated /rss2/files/imageCache.php to properly handle the caching of external images when using php.ini's auto_prepend_file & auto_append_file settings. Started Working with Greader category feeds and implementing these categoric feeds into using the siteconfig.php's Dynamic $aid_ defines. Removed the footer's cron job execution script because it was causing abnormal behavior. Commented out the # rewrite rule for download.php in .htaccess because it was causing an error. 2011-10-26 Added Fetish Cash to Sponsors, Added Pimp Roll to Promo. Fixed the way external images are handled, and modified /includes/append.php added urlencode($urii) to the image handling. 2011-10-25 Added Pivotx cms blog for it's ability to function on a flat file database. It is now included into the updated zip. Wordpress is still used but not available in the zip because the files stored in database. Using pivotx may work to provide a more cleaner presentation and the ability to transfer everything in zip. The temp location of pivotx Index file is /blog.php. later on it may get transfered to index.php if it works well. When accessing pivotx for the first time, you will be asked to set up a username and database. Setup your admin username, and select flat file. If you have any problems when setting this up, please submit a ticket / support post at our sourceforge home page. Since RSS Feeds are a huge part of the content, I asked myself there must be an eaiser way to import feeds. I've used a google reader account, FeedDemon windows 7 program, and feedburner to import at least 5000 feeds and growing worth of content. I decided to sort it out using categories instead of by feed name. The goal here is to let everyone use the feed burner feeds as their source and let php search and replace the affilaite ID according to the feed's domain name, and a central file to help out. By having this conversion in place, everyone can use these RSS feeds to support their site and get credit for it as well. Why should everyone have to do the same thing, thought to myself and wanted an easy solution as a fix. It's a daunting task, but what i'm after is end results. Letting all feeds be transparent enough, and having a website others can use as template to build their own custom sites. Other things I fixed or added is converting the sponsor /go/sponsorname into javascript. Also did the same thing to the adult categories on the side. This should save the front page from being ignored becasue of too many links. Also i removed the FAQ, and right hand keywords because it had no relavence except for the search bots. Also started creating banners, and little spots to show off what each sponsor offers. Changed the way sponsors were displayed as tags into a two collum table list for easier reading. Moved $aid_sponsorname back into the siteconfig.php because it was being ignored at times. Playing Around wtih a few TGP scripts to understand how they work and which ones can be zipped with the update. Updated the sitemap files. Added a few links to the sidebar. Removed the Google Feedburner Changelog because it was making the screen go wider than expected. Added a link to this changelog file in place of the Google Feed burner changelog. Hopefully by installing pivotx and using it's downloadable modules, these demands can be easier achived. 2011-10-23 Fixed Missing Folder located /go/hustler-cash/ Changed the way external links are redirected, added auto_prepend_file =/(your-docroot)/includes/prepend.php to php.ini Added auto_append_file =/(your-docroot)/includes/append.php to php.ini file to hide external links using javascript. If using prepend.php and append.php then /go/external.html?link=base64_encode(url) is first before /go/o.php?out=base64_decode(url). Added /blogs/ to exclude durring zip update. Added /sponsor-info/(sponsor).php to house sponsor network website links. Added /TGP/ for testing TGP pages using TGPX script. Added /Free-Content/ to website (not included in zip) for extra content to get you started in your adult website. Changed Sponsor layout on main page for easier reading. Added Category links to front page linking to /blog/adult/categories. ( this will only show if /blog/adult/ exists. Building a Universal RSS Gateway for ALL Sponsors using Google Reader, Google Feedburner. (testing). Goal here is to create a php function to replace affiliate id in validated feeds to represent the current $aid_sponsor in siteconfig.php. This is in the early stages and such function does not exist yet, however, once all feeds are imported in categories, the function will be made. 2011-10-22 Fixed missing folder located /go/white-label-cash/ 2011-10-21 Fixed twenty_first_sextury_cash, eight_teen_and_busty, adult_pay_master, and like 10 others which $aid_ dynamic links were missing the underscores in name. Fixed underscore issues in database.rss2.php as well. Added /go/external.html page. Updated /refresh.php page Updated /go/o.php page. 2011-10-17 Added Amateur BDSM Videos, Amateur Bondage Videos, Amateur Smothering, Amateur Trampling, Bizarre Video, Bondage Auditions, Bound 4 You, Breast Bondage Videos, Brutal Ball Busting, Brutal Punishment, Device Bondage Videos, Ebony Fem Dom Videos, Elite Smothering, Elite Spanking, Face Sitting Freaks, Femdom Academy.php , xcopy rss2 Fem Dominas, Fetish Club, Fetish Dolls, Fetish Network, Fist Freaks, Japanese Femdom Videos, Jerkoff Instructors, Kinky Carmen, Kinky Euro Babes, My Kinky Diary, Nylon Fetish Videos, Pain Freaks, Pain Vixens, Panty Girl friends, Perfect Spanking, Punished Angels, Pure Smoking, Pure Smothering, Pure Spanking, Real Bondage Videos, Rick Savage, Rope Bondage Videos, Rope Slaves, Shemale Chaser, Shibari Dolls, Smoke 4 You, Titanic Titties, Tokyo Slaves to RSS and RSS2 Folder 2011-10-16 Cleaned up siteconfig.php because it was getting too messy, too big. Siteconfig.php is now split up into 5 seperate files and can be found inside the includes/ folder. Added database.rss.php,database.rss2.php,database.url.php,database.aid.php,database.xml.php files to the includes/ folder for settings. Added FAQs, and right side keywords to gain seo. Fixed up some dead links. Started working on an admin panel for a web based setting control pannel. Added a few more RSS feeds to RSS and RSS2 Folders. Added Shocking Cash RSS Feeds 2011-10-15 Removed clickbank sidebar categories and made it's own page for display. Added /includes/sponsors.php which reads /index_files/sponsors.js to reduce the number of urls on the main page. Added /index_files/txt_includes/sponsors.html.txt to keep an HTML version of sponsors on hand. Added /index_files/html_to_script_converter.htm to convert sponsors.html.txt to a js version located in /index_files/sponsors.js Added a few js libraries to /index_files/js for future use. Removed all adult site trigger words from front page. 2011-10-14 Added clickbank, clickbank_cbengine Added all clickbank categories as rss feeds to RSS2 Folder for extra Income. 2011-10-13 Added "if file exists()" to the optional files so page wont generate error. Added Spidy Dollars Single Pics, Spidy Dollars Pics, Spidy Dollars Single Movs, Spidy Dollars Movs, Ashley George, Bailey Jay, Kimber James, Mandy_Mitchell, Mia Isabella, Morgan Bailey, Natalia Coxxx, Natassia Dreams, Olivia Love, Sex Change Girl, Sexxxy Jade, TS Foxxy, TS Jesse, Vaniity, Victoria Di Prada to RSS2 and RSS folders Updated adult master cash, Bucks Portl, SMC Revenue, link in urldatadbase.php to reflect on siteconfig.php settings. 2011-10-11 Updating the urldatabase and siteconfig to be more dynamic (most of the day work). Added Ambers Tiny Ass, Sweet Lilya, Grandma Friends Pics, Grandma Friends Movs, Grandma Friends Flvs, Wifes Mom Pic, My Wifes Mom Movs, My Wifes Mom Flvs, Granny Bet Pics, Granny Bet Movs, Granny Bet Flvs to rss2 folder. Added My Grandma Friends Pics, Grandma Friends Movs, Grandma Friends Flvs, Wifes Mom Pic, My Wifes Mom Movs, My Wifes Mom Flvs, Granny Bet Pics, Granny Bet Movs, Granny Bet Flvs to Rss Folder. Updated Tony Bucks, in urldatabase.php 2011-10-10 Added Moocash to Sponsors Added APM-Anal, APM-Asian, APM-BBW, APM-Big-Tit, APM-Bisexual, APM-Double-P, APM-Ebony, APM-Fetish, APM-Gay, APM-Hardcore, APM-Interracial, APM-Kats-Cooch, APM-Latina, APM-Lesbian, APM-Mature, APM-Milf, APM-Squirting, APM-Teen, APM-Toon, APM-Tranny to RSS2 Folder and updated links in urldatabase.php 2011-10-09 Added Light Speed Cash to Sponsors Added Click Cash to Sponsors Added Hustleer Cash to Sponsors Added Abby Cash to Sponsors Fixed and Validated rss2 Feeds. Added Dynamic ablilites to rss2 folder (drag and drop technology). Fixed more in the urldatabase.php. Added base64_encode to rss2 feeds (Took the majority of the day). 2011-10-08 Added Max Cash to Sponsors Added Hustler Cash to Sponsors Added Wishing to Sponsors Added Outgoing Script to redirect external links through refresh.php Fixed ccbill 404 errors 2011-10-07 Added a new file called cronrss.php and dynamicly reads all folders insides the rss directory to update each feed. Each folder gets executed within an iframe. cronrss.php gets ran from an iframe. Iframes within an iframe will keep it cleaner when cycling through the cron.php at cron job times. siteconfig.php is a bit messy because im trying to simplify the affiliate ID's to the feeds without actually changing the url. Changing the $aid (affiliate ID) to its associated $mid (merchant ID) website will change all $aid's (feeds, galleries, sponsor urls). One change and thats it for each $mid. Found at least 30 more sponsors added to the front page. Reverted refresh.php to a php "header location" because it was not redirecting correctly on some pages. RSS2 folder contains MESH, Cache, from feedforall.com, I customized these scripts to use /go/o.php?out=hash when working with rss feeds. It's not completed yet, because i'm figuring out a way to convert the links inside the description tags to use hash instead of direct linking. This should help on affiliate hijacking and out going urls. Mostly SEO tricks. (if you would like to use this, you must download the files from feedforall.com website. I use attracta.com for sitemaps and submissions to search engines, i strongly recomend you use this service. Added $frontpagerss "http://yourrssfeed"; to siteconfig for easy changing. Added $frontpageawards = "yourfile.txt"; to siteconfig for easy changing. Added $footercontent = "yourfile.txt"; to siteconfig for easy changing. Added AEBN to Sposors. Added Alcuda to Sponsors. Added Click Cash to Sponsors. Added Cam Sense to Sponsors. Cleaned code and tuned up css selectors
Source: Readme-changelog.txt, updated 2014-06-04

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