Python module that makes it easy to use Microsoft ADO for connecting with databases and other data sources. -- This module is included as part of pywin32. _BUT_ there is a packaging error in pywin32 v219 so you MUST DOWNLOAD FROM HERE until that is fixed!
* Documentation ah or quick_reference.odb in the .zip


  • Tested using ACCESS, MS SQL Server, MySQL and PostgreSQL
  • can retrieve SQL data by column name or number.
  • can change paramstyle to 'qmark', 'format', 'named', 'pyformat'..
  • New in version 2.5: LINUX remote, Windows server, more extensions

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  • Some nice features (e.g., named column retrieval from recordsets) and a few bugs. The biggest problem is that this page doesn't appear to give any clues that the project has moved to GitHub (search for mhammond and pywin32 -- SourceForge won't let me post a link in this review, which I only filed so I could let others avoid wasting their time here, as I have). Don't bother filing bug reports or other support requests here. :-)

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Project is a database abstraction layer (API), Python Database API, MySQL, PostgreSQL (pgsql), IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access, ODBC, ADOdb