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AdaptBB is a new open source forum system. The idea behind AdaptBB is to have a well-done, adaptable and easy to use forum system.

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  • midiablog
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    Very poor, not as described

    Posted 04/09/2010
  • mehargill
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    A great forum CMS and definitely one to watch! The forum is also compatible with other Insane Vision products (AdaptCMS, OneCMS, etc) and even Wordpress making bridging just a click away! Import scripts also come default with the AdaptBB allowing you to import your beta AdaptBB forum, OneCMS Forum, and even phpBB. TinyMCE is used for the WYSIWYG editor making it easier for the end user who might not know how to use BB Code. AdaptBB has a few issues with displaying correctly in Internet Explorer both in the back end and front end which is a shame. Like a IV software, the custom fields manager returns making the possibilities endless! Plugin manager is also present, unfortunately the amount of plugins to choose from his limited. On the plus side, the manager is super easy making installs, uninstalls, etc a button click. The dashboard update feature is also present allowing you to download single files directly or even a new update. This is especially useful if you accidentally mess up a file, a single mouse click allows you to download the latest file right away. Once again, the Insane Visions team provides support at a fantastic rate. If you have an issue you can either report it on their forums (which also runs AdaptBB!) or even through your own forum dashboard! AdaptBB is a great forum software you should definitely look into.

    Posted 11/06/2009
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