- Install the Audible Manager and open a file of your account.
- Sign in into your audible account (in the application). Now the program can convert your audible files.
- Start Aax2Mp3 (AaxToMp3GUI.exe) and select the file you want to convert.
- Click the Convert button.
- The buttons are grayed out and it shows how far the conversion has progressed. - - The time should always continue to increase.
- If the buttons are clickable again, the conversion is completed. The mp3 file is now to be found in the same folder as the AAX file.

The conversion need (depending on the computing power) for 1 minute of audio approximately 2 seconds.
The conversion of Aax to MP3 is fast, free, and requires no I-Tunes.
Have fun while listening!

If you want to help developing this software, please contact me. I do not have enough time to develop alone.

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User Reviews

  • Still working on Win10 with all software updated. Reviews give good instruction - if in trouble keep reading.

  • I tried what uliole suggested previously. However I am stuck at the step trying to find C:\Program Files (x86)\Audible\Bin\Debug.log I can't seem to find Debug.log. Not sure if anyone has any ideas?

  • Good for good books you've supported the creators of. Use Internet Explorer to get the book. Read the other reviews for help.

  • Okay, I wasn't going to review since it was just going to be "does what it says it does, but in Dutch". However, after converting a few files, I am pleasantly surprised to see how quickly it converts large files. If it wasn't for the fact that the thing is in dutch, I'd give it 5 stars. It's still perfectly workable, press the top button, choose your file, press the bottom button, wait a few seconds, minutes only for large files, and viola. I almost didn't try this program because of the reviews and the description made me think you have to sign in on the program itself, this is not the case. Worked perfectly for me, quickly, easily, and simply on Win10.

  • Notes for future me (and anyone else). When the output of the AaxToMp3GUI.exe is a 2kB file that is not playable the problem is not with the AaxToMp3GUI.exe app - which works well - but with the Audible Manager which fails to register properly the content that is downloaded. When running on Windows 10: 1) Download and install (use default location and settings) "Audible Manager" from here 2) Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Audible\Bin right click on Manager.exe under the compatibility mode select "Windows 7". Click OK. 3) Right click again on Manager.exe and select "Run as Administrator". 5) In the Manager app select Devices and Activate... 6) Enter your Amazon credentials. 7) Open C:\Program Files (x86)\Audible\Bin\Debug.log and make sure in the last entry (use the timestamp as reference) the DeviceUI.dll has been registered successfully. If it doesn't register successfully it will say "Failed to register server DeviceUI.dll" and you'll have to fiddle some more with the settings. 8) Download the link to the Audible book from 9) Double click on the link (this will start the download in the already open Manager.exe program). 10) Once download is done check the file is imported into Manager.exe. If it isn't import it manually. 11) Open AaxToMp3GUI.exe click top button and select the aax file that was downloaded. Then click bottom button. The "Dauer" corresponds to how many hh:mm:ss have been converted (at the end it will reach the length of the book). At the end it will say "Umwandlung beendet" (conversion finished).

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