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ZooKeeper 2.2.1 released

This release fixes the bug [1982992] that was causing ephemeral nodes to be left hanging around after their owner sessions have died/expired.

Posted by Andrew Kornev 2008-06-09

ZooKeeper 2.2.0 released

This release improves logging by switching to log4j as well as fixes some problems with the distribution packages (missing files, unused files, failed builds, etc.)

Posted by Andrew Kornev 2008-05-09

ZooKeeper 2.1.0 released

In this release we have moved to a unified release numbering scheme. All clients and servers will be released under the same release number.

This release includes a few performance enhancements and important bug fixes. One of the biggest change is a move to log4j.

Posted by Benjamin Reed 2008-04-30

ZooKeeper at Hadoop Summit March 25, 2008

Benjamin Reed will give a talk on ZooKeeper at the Hadoop Summit. More details can be found at http://upcoming.yahoo.com/event/436226/

Posted by Benjamin Reed 2008-03-24

C client library 1.1.3 released

This is a maintenance release. For a list bug fixes please see the Release notes.

Posted by Andrew Kornev 2008-02-08

Zookeeper server 1.1.0 released

This release includes the new operation "sync" and a number of bug fixes. Please see Release notes for more details.

Posted by Andrew Kornev 2008-01-28

C client library 1.1.2 released

This release includes a number of bug fixes and new features. Please see Release notes for more info.

Posted by Andrew Kornev 2008-01-24

Zookeeper C client library 1.0.0 released

The library makes it possible to access Zookeeper services from C/C++ applications. It provides a small set of Zookeeper primitives that can be used to create zookeeper nodes, set/get node values, watch nodes for changes and so on.

Please see README for more details.

Posted by Andrew Kornev 2007-11-29

Zookeeper server 1.0.0 released

This release includes some minor jute compiler improvements related to cross-platform portability of the generated C code.

Posted by Andrew Kornev 2007-11-29

ZooKeeper release 0.0.1 now available

The first alpha release, 0.0.1, of ZooKeeper is now available for download. ZooKeeper is a high available and reliable coordination system for use in distributed application consisting of tens to thousands of servers.

This release consists of the ZooKeeper server code and Java client libraries. Soon we will be releasing the C client libraries. The ZooKeeper server is pure java. The Getting Started wiki page, http://zookeeper.wiki.sourceforge.net/ZooKeeperGettingStarted has information for playing with and using Zookeeper.... read more

Posted by Benjamin Reed 2007-11-13

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