#12 "server pool" for irc networks


This one is abit of a tricky thing, lets try to
explain what i mean.

Define (globally) irc-networks to be used in znc.
lets say, efnet:

- irc.efnet.pl
- irc.efnet.nl
- irc.efnet.fr
- ...

So user defines servers for irc-net globally, and you
just write/select the irc-net a user should connect
to. ZNC then automatically chooses a server that fits
(jump to next server if a host is down, avoid too
many connections to the same server to avoid getting
banned, jump to next server when k-lined or whatever).


  • cvn

    cvn - 2007-08-12

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    As ZNC does not support multiple networks for one user, I don't really see the why one would need this feature. Just add some servers of the network you're using and you're set.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    if you add another user or 20 for 20 different friends you may want to do them the favor and preconfigure the znc account. so my friend wants a slot on znc and want to connect to efnet, i add a user, select efnet and thats it. if he wants to connect to linknet instead i just use linknet and i am set. basically a drop down for some different servers in the webconfig and maybe some simple usercmd to siwtch networks (!=multinet) - thats all what he wanted to ask for i bet


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