Request: Restart ZNC without passwords

  • Rodorm

    Rodorm - 2009-02-26


    ZNC is a great bouncer, but there is one big problem: The ZNC admin has to type in the passwords for the modules away and savebuff for every user if he wants to restart ZNC. Could you change this so that the admin can restart ZNC without needing these passwords? Sometimes, the admin doesn't know all passwords, and it's annoying if there are 20 users or more. The only way to restart ZNC at the moment is to deactivate away and savebuff for every user, restart ZNC and reactivate the two modules for every user. That's annoying, too.

    • Psychon

      Psychon - 2009-04-06


      you have a very great timing.
      Rev1388, committed on Fri Feb 20 19:15:31 2009 has the following summary:
      "Don't ever ask for a password via stdin in away and savebuff"

      This was released with znc 0.066.



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