#95 Allow host/domain names

Engine (43)

The "Allow" directive of the "User" section should allow host and domain names in addition to IP addresses.


  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Currently not possible in znc (dont ask why).

    Also, this is a bad idea. $EVIL_PERSON could just set his own PTR record to whatever a wants and use that for bypassing all your security. Checking the IP address directly is more secure.

  • valkyr

    valkyr - 2010-09-26

    Wouldn't it be better for ZNC to lookup the "Allow"ed domain's record once (or on every connect attempt), and use that IP, rather than checking the client?

    The reason I suggested it's because I'm on a dynamic IP address where even the number of the first block can vary, so I'd be as well setting "Allow *" and to me that seems like it defeats any possible security of the allow feature anyway...


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