#53 Compiling znc-extra under single-user


I found this out when trying to compile znc-extra while doing a single-user install (non make install). The znc-extra doesn't include the .h files that it needs for compiling most of its modules. To fix this get a version of znc-0.068 in a directory then...

cp znc-config /path/to/znc-extra
cp *.h /path/to/znc-extra
chmod +x znc-config (you may have to do this)

This will copy over the znc-config file and any file ending in .h to your znc-extra and then you are able to make the znc-extra modules fine.

Hope this helped you out


  • Psychon

    Psychon - 2009-05-31
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  • Psychon

    Psychon - 2009-05-31

    Why is this filed as a patch with category widget? Oo

    Anyway, starting with znc 0.070, znc installs a pkg-config control file (znc.pc). For some days the znc-extra configure script now uses pkg-config instead of znc-config.
    pkg-config got a nice feature that if you ask for x and it finds x-uninstalled, then it uses the uninstalled file. ZNC generates such a file in the source dir which makes the following work fine:
    ./configure PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/path/to/znc/source/dir/

    Closing since the next release will sort this out. (One only has to know about $PKG_CONFIG_PATH so that pkg-config finds the right files...)


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