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ZK 3.0.5

We have upgraded the ZK Desktop to use ZK 3.0.5. There are some minor rendering changes between prior versions of ZK and 3.0.5 - check your apps when you upgrade!

Posted by Scott Duensing 2008-05-27

ZK 3.0.0-FL-2007-11-01

Updated to support ZK 3.0.0-FL-2007-11-01.

Posted by Scott Duensing 2007-11-05

ZK Update

Upgraded to ZK-3.0.0-FL-2007-10-15.

Posted by Scott Duensing 2007-10-17

New Demo

While our news feed has been idle, we sure haven't been! Today a new Zip-and-Run demo of the latest Zero Kelvin Desktop code is available on our project page. This release contains many bug fixes, API enhancements, and general updates.

In addition to the new demo, the SVN repository has been completely updated, the installation documentation updated (and verified!), and lots of other small edits here and there on the wiki and in the code.... read more

Posted by Scott Duensing 2007-10-12

NOTE: New Config File

After upgrading to the latest 2.5.0 Freshly based version of ZKD, you need to add a new configuration file (zk.xml) to your installation. Please see the documentation section "Configuration" for more information.

Posted by Scott Duensing 2007-08-27

YUI Added & Freshly Update

YUIExtz 0.6.0 has been added to our ZK distribution. ZK has been upgraded to 2.5.0 Freshly 2007-08-25.

Posted by Scott Duensing 2007-08-27

Mac OS X, Linux (and others) Officially Supported

Using the new Kickstart utility during the installation now allows Mac OS X, Linux, and other UNIXish users easily install the Zero Kelvin Desktop!

The Kickstart utility also allows all users to place the installation in any location they like. You are no longer restricted to the pre-determined installation directory.

Posted by Scott Duensing 2007-08-02

New Installation Instructions

After far too long, the installation instructions have been updated with a new procedure that is *VASTLY* simplified from what was online before.

If you had problems setting up Eclipse and ZKD before, give it another try - it's a snap!

Posted by Scott Duensing 2007-08-01

New Name!

The "ZK Desktop" has been re-branded the "Zero Kelvin Desktop". Spread the word!

Posted by Scott Duensing 2007-08-01

Status Promoted to "Production/Stable"!

With the addition of the WonderGrid and the fix of the session-timeout bug (thanks, Tom for ZK 2.5.0 Freshly), we are proud to announce that we've promoted the status of the ZK Desktop project to "Production/Stable"!

We use ZKD daily to develop intranet applications for a large company and feel it's ready to move out of the beta phase.

Join us for the road to "Mature" status! We're always looking for new contributors. Stop by our chat room or forums and say "hello"!

Posted by Scott Duensing 2007-07-18

Tomcat 6.0.x and ZK 2.5.0 Freshly

Migrated to Tomcat 6 and ZK 2.5.0 Freshly.

- Updated included Tomcat to 6.0.13.
- Updated to ZK 2.5.0 Freshly 2007-07-17.
- The IPC system no longer prevents session timeouts.

- With the switch from Tomcat 5 to Tomcat 6, you will need to edit your
project's build settings for the new server. Be sure you delete the
"Apache Tomcat v5.5" server runtime and add the v6.0 runtime in the
"Window->Preferences" dialog under "Server->Installed Runtimes".

Posted by Scott Duensing 2007-07-18

Migrated to Eclipse 3.3 Europa

This release is intended for use on Eclipse 3.3.

- Cleaned up project build settings.
- Moved IPC startup from index.zul to ZKDesktopEngine.

- build.xml has been removed.

Posted by Scott Duensing 2007-07-16

WonderGrid Update

- Rewrote the client-side filtering code. All the Data Access API calls now
return the correct index value when dealing with filtered records.
- Custom form editor interface simplified and rewritten.
- getGridParentVbox() API method added.

- Basic WonderGrid documentation is now complete!

Posted by Scott Duensing 2007-07-09

ZK 2.4.1 Support

ZK 2.4.1 support has been added. This corrects a few rendering issues with the new WonderGrid. It also adds GZIP output to improve over-the-wire performance on slow connections.

Posted by Scott Duensing 2007-07-06

New Screenshots

New screenshots of the WonderGrid View Editor are now available in the Screenshots section of the web site.

Posted by Scott Duensing 2007-07-05

The WonderGrid is here!

The WonderGrid is here! This is a major update to the ZK Desktop.

- Ability to add/delete/edit data from any data source
- Automatic determination of field names and data types
- Automatic generation of record selection and editing UIs
- Support for paging large data sets in a screen at a time
- Caching of fetched data sets
- Optional drop-down selection boxes for edit fields
- Easily rename fields
- Easily hide fields
- Easily mark fields as read-only
- Column view resizing
- Column data word-wrap enable/disable
- Global and per-field custom date formats
- Single-screen mode (list and edit grid at the same time)
- Optional custom external edit forms
- Optional custom action buttons
- Annotations of POJOs to customize how they are displayed in the grid
- Custom constraint callbacks
- In-grid edit/delete icons
- In-grid single/multiple selection columns... read more

Posted by Scott Duensing 2007-07-05

ZK 2.4.0 Support

- Upgraded to ZK 2.4.0.

- Added WonderGridFilter class.
- Added "filters" decoration to WonderGridModifiers attribute class.
- Added the following filter API methods: addFilter(), removeFilter(), and
- Added updateFilter() method to WonderGridGetPageInterface.
- Basic filtering implemented.

Posted by Scott Duensing 2007-06-08

Bug Fix Release

- Fixed a major bug dealing with showing/hiding/reloading the desktop menus
when the <containchildren> setting in zkdesktop.xml was set to "false".
- Moved the remainder of winMainMenu.zul into winMainMenu.zul
is no longer required.

- Refactored the saving code. This slightly altered the behavior of the
editSave() method. (Since it wasn't documented anyway, nobody should be
affected by this change!)
- Added recordSave() API method for saving data into an arbitrary record,
not just the one you're currently editing.... read more

Posted by Scott Duensing 2007-06-06

Top 500!

We've broken the top 500 projects on SourceForge!

Of 149,566 projects, we're currently #412!

Posted by Scott Duensing 2007-06-04

Lots of Changes

- New "addToolTips()" API method. Automatically attach tooltips to your
controls from information stored in the persistence database.
- Moved menu generation logic into it's own compiled class, "ZKDMenu".
- Moved application launching code into ZKDStatic.

- Now supports custom constraints for decimal, integer and date fields in
addition to text fields.
- Constraints can be specified via regular expressions (except for dates)
or through the "Constraint" interface.
- Added "constraintClass" modifier to allow adding custom constraint code
to fields via annotations.
- New methods setShowCheckColumn() and setShowRadioColumn() to display single
and multiple selection columns along with the data in the list.
- Fixed a bug that prevented addActionButton() from working before
buildWonderGrid() was called. That's backwards!
- Many new methods added to make accessing data in the grid from action
button events and custom editing forms easier: recordGetCount(),
recordGetValue(), recordIsChecked(), recordIsLoaded(), and
recordGetSelected().... read more

Posted by Scott Duensing 2007-06-04

&quot;Zip and Run&quot; Demo Released!

We now have an EASIER-to-install demo of the ZK Desktop! Just unpack it and go! Take a look at for all the details! Wow! Exclamation points!

Posted by Scott Duensing 2007-05-30

Minor Update

- Window positioning code was incorrectly determining the height and width of
applications that had their height and/or width specified by the developer.
This has been fixed.
- Modified the window positioning code to automatically stagger new windows so
they are no longer placed directly on top of each other.

- Updated layout to work properly with ZK 2.3.2.

Posted by Scott Duensing 2007-05-30

New Menu Feature and ZK Build

- Upgraded to ZK 2.3.2 Freshly 2007-05-30 to fix onClientInfo not firing.
- Added a <containchildren> option to the menu system. Setting this to "false"
allows you to drag program group windows out of their parent window. Using
"true" retains the existing behavor.

- Updated for ZK 2.3.2.

- Updated for ZK 2.3.2.

- Updated for ZK 2.3.2.... read more

Posted by Scott Duensing 2007-05-29

Top 750!

We've broken the top 750 projects on SourceForge!

Of 149,257 projects, we're currently #744!

Posted by Scott Duensing 2007-05-29

Upgrade Note

If upgrading from a previous release, check your WEB-INF/web.xml file and ensure that you have the following:


Right below the line that reads:

<!-- ZK Desktop -->

For a complete example of this configuration file, visit the wiki:

Posted by Scott Duensing 2007-05-24

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